Busy week for four-star Gray

It's been a busy week for four-star offensive tackle Derwin Gray of Friendship Collegiate (D.C.).

Friendship Collegiate (D.C.) four-star offensive tackle Derwin Gray had a whirlwind week, touring fours schools in less than seven days with his fellow teammates including Yannick Ngakoue.

"We went to Tennessee, Tennessee State, Vanderbilt and Penn State."

Prior to this trip, Gray revealed Auburn, Florida State, Florida and Maryland as programs high on his list. Once he stepped foot on Tennessee soil, he learned it was a school he could definitely consider for more reasons than one.

"That school will be huge. They are building all this new stuff. The media room is a like a movie theater. It's a school I want to consider considering they need lineman. Most linemen this year are seniors, so it's definitely a school to consider because I can get on the field early and play."

Vanderbilt, on the other hand, did not suit his personality.

"It just wasn't as lively as Tennessee. Tennessee was a little more upbeat. Vandy is more quiet and slow paced. I don't know if I could see myself there."

Gray closed out the tour in Happy Valley, an atmosphere that was very lively.

"The best thing about PSU was the fans. It was crazy down there. Their spring game ran differently than others. An explosive play would get points. At the end of the game, there was a lot of explosive plays. That's different than others. And the fans got really into it."

While the energy was there, when asked if he could see himself at Penn State, he paused.

"Um, I can't tell off my first trip. It was real lively, but at same time when a game is not going on what will it be like? I can't judge it on a spring game."

Gray has; however, established a good rapport with coach Larry Johnson, he said. He has been recruiting Gray since 10th grade.

Though he enjoyed his time at both Tennessee and PSU, Gray has not added any other school to his top ten list at this time. It still sits at four: Maryland, Florida, Florida State and Auburn (in no particular order). No other visits have been scheduled just yet. Stay tuned.

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