A Star is Born - Ira Denson

Orlando, Fla. - Ira Denson (6'4/320) of Madison County High School came to the Nike Camp in Orlando as a relative unknown, but he left as the talk of the camp after dominating the offensive line drills like few have done before.

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Ira Denson, better known as "Juice" to the participants of the Nike Football Training Camp (NFTC) held in Orlando, Fla. on Sunday arrived as a relative unknown from Madison County High School. He brought scholarship offers with him from Western Kentucky and Florida International, and after the buzz around his performance settles down, he'll likely have double digit scholarship offer in the next two weeks.

The finale of the NFTC pits offensive and defensive linemen against one another in a one on one pass rushing drills. The drill is heavily rigged in favor of the defensive line. There's no threat of a running game, double team, help from a tight end or receiver, or any of the other hindrances that defensive linemen face during the course of a real football game. Typically, if an offensive lineman can manage to simply hold his own in these drills, he's going to be a heavily recruited offensive player.

What Denson did on Sunday went beyond holding his own. He dominated his men in the fashion I've only seen in a camp setting from guys like Andre Smith and Matt Kalil in my 11 years experience of running and covering various spring and summer football camps.

Denson didn't just dominate a couple of no names. He took five consecutive reps to finish his day against Scout 300 member Caleb Brantley who had his way with most of the offensive linemen he had faced...until he went head up with Juice.

Most of the participants including couselors and media may not have known Ira Denson before they arrived, but Juice made sure everyone knew his name before they left.

See him in action in this presentation by Fox Sports Next:

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