NLA 7v7 Pittsburgh: Top Ten Performers

NEW KENSINGTON, Pa. -- New Level Athletics brought their Eastern Regional 7on7 event to Valley High School and was on hand to cover the event. Here is a closer look at our top ten performers for the weekend.

The New Level Athletics East Regional 7on7 brought more than twenty teams from across the East and Midwest Region to Valley High School over the weekend.

Here is a closer look at the top ten performers from the event.

S/WR - DaRon Clark  Pittsburgh (Pa.) Perry Traditional Academy: Talk about coming out of nowhere, at the start of the event no one knew who Clark was except his teammates and a handful of city kids playing on other teams. By the time the tournament concluded, everyone knew who he was. Clark stole the show with double digit touchdowns on offense and double digit picks on defense. He always Seemed to be around the ball and he just made plays. Clark was mainly a defensive player last year, that should change this season for the Commodores.


WR/DB - Carlos Thompson  Manvel (Texas):  We're not sure how many touchdowns Thompson had all weekend, but guessing should start at around twenty. A prototype slot receiver who has no fear coming across the middle of the field. His size likely makes him a slot in college, but with his speed and skill set he could also play on the outside. He has no offers to date.

OLB - Jaylon Smith  Fort Wayne (Ind.) Bishop Luers: The first time I saw Smith was at this same event last spring. The five-star outside linebacker impressed me then and is even more impressive now. Anyone who watches him can see why he is an easy choice as the nations No. 1 rated outside linebacker. He shuts everything down in the middle, he can go sideline to sideline. He can get after the quarterback, not too mention the fact that he can cover like a defensive back. He is the total package. It will be fun to watch how he develops at the next level. A very humble and well spoke young man off the field.


WR/CB - Chevoski Collins  Livingston (Texas): Collins was hot and cold on day one. On day two he rose up and took control. By the end of the second day, he may have been the most productive receiver on the field. He has tremendous body control and is a great route runner. A ball hawk on defense with outstanding instincts. You throw the ball in his direction and he will do whatever it takes to come down with it.

QB - Shane McCarley  Manvel (Texas): As good as the Goon Squad's receiving corps was, they could not have won as much as they did without the hot hand of McCarley. He showed outstanding touch on the deep balls and he put it right on the money over the outside shoulder. He also has the ability to fit the ball into tight spaces. His football IQ is off the charts. He is like having a coach in the huddle.

CB/WR - Nadir Barnwell  Piscataway (N.J.): On Saturday, Barnwell was arguably the best player on the field. Sunday, he didn't have as big of an impact, as more players on his team stepped up. On defense, he is as smooth of a corner as there is, but sometimes he relies on his athleticism more than he should. Once he adjusts to the level of competition, he is a lockdown cover corner. He is as good as I have seen in the East Region at cornerback. He is also more than capable of being a top flight receiver, but corner is where we like him and he should be a good one.

QB - Shane Morris  Warren (Mich.) De La Salle Collegiate: I have seen Morris several times over the past two seasons and first and foremost he is as approachable and respectful as any kid in the country when dealing with the media. On the field he is a warrior. He has a tremendous will to win. His arm strength and technique have gotten more refined since last year. He is filling out his frame a little more and he will put a team on his shoulders and lead them. He has that moxie that all the good ones have. On Saturday, he was up and down. Sunday, he was on point with almost every throw. You can't spend time with Morris and not root for the kid.


S/WR - Brandon Simmons (2014)  Arlington (Texas) Mansfield Timberview: I have seen this kid perform since he was a lean, little seventh grader in New Jersey. Now, he is a grown man and turning into one of the best safety prospects in next years class. He gets sideline to sideline as fast as any safety out there. His closing speed is top notch. Several times we saw him come out of nowhere and stop little flare passes in the flats before the offense gained a yard. He is very instinctive and doesn't put himself in bad spots. He is also a good enough receiver to play offense at the next level.

WR - Will Fuller  Philadelphia (Pa.) Roman Catholic: Not many people outside of Pennsylvania have any clue who this kid is, but he continuously proves each time out that he is capable of being one of the best receivers in the region and should be in the discussion nationally. The only knock on Fuller is that he is rail thin. That doesn't bother me, as he will fill out. His skills as a receiver are undeniable. He gets separation and runs great routes. He can go up and get the ball as well as anyone in the country. The ball just sticks to his hands like velcro. His film is very impressive, but he is even better in person.

S/WR - Quin Blanding  (2014) Virginia Beach (Va.) Bayside: As you watch Blanding you have to always remind yourself that he is only going to be a junior. He is a special player who is one of the best players in Virginia, regardless of class. Sometimes you just see kids and the way they perform and carry themselves and you can't help, but realize the kid is going to be special. He took charge of the defense and was making sure everyone knew where they were going and what they were doing. He is a ball hawk and always makes plays. He is also a very capable offensive player. At, 6-foot-2 once he fills out his frame he has a chance to be a very special football player.

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