Coaches Across the Country Hit the Road

College coaches all across the country are hitting the road looking for the next great college football player. Thousands of high schools across the nation will be visited by the likes of Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, Florida, Georgia, Penn State and countless other top programs. caught up with dozens of prospects earlier today to find out which schools were paying them visits.

Sam Coverdale:

"I just talked with Illinois. West Virginia was in this morning, Pittsburg tomorrow and Vanderbilt on Friday."

Tracy Sprinkle:

"Louisville came and Pittsburg, Bowling Green, Toledo and Eastern Michigan."

Josh McNeil:

"Alabama is here today."

Alvin Kamara:

"Coach Graham from Tennessee came this morning to watch workouts."

Dane Rogers:

"Florida came yesterday and North Carolina State and South Carolina last week."

Rodney Adams:

"West Virginia and South Florida came yesterday."

Jalen McDaniel:

"Tennessee was in on Monday. Virginia just left."

Jalen Ramsey:

"Memphis visited, Tennessee, Mississippi State and Virginia. USC will be at my track meet today."

Joseph Downey:

"North Carolina, East Carolina and Catawba came by so far."

Cooper Bateman:

"Florida, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and California were all here on Monday and last week LSU was in town."

Brandon Kublanow:

"Coach from Miami and Coach Trickett from Florida State came and offered."

Ryan Buchanan:

"Missouri came last Wednesday. Ole Miss came Monday. West Virginia was yesterday, Alabama is today. North Carolina is Friday and Auburn is next Monday."

Greg Gilmore:

"Florida was yesterday Virginia came this morning."

Adly Enoicy:

"Florida Atlantic came yesterday."

Jacarthy Mack:

"Louisville, UCF and Cincinnati came yesterday."

Jonathan Allen:

"Florida Just left and Penn State just got here."

James Hearns:

"South Carolina came by last week."

Arshad Jackson:

"Vanderbilt is coming today."

Antonio Riles:

"Oklahoma and Oklahoma State yesterday and Auburn."

Cameron Dillard:

"Coach Davis and Young are coming today at 4pm to watch me lift."

Brendan Langley:

"Florida and Coach Robinson came today. South Carolina and Coach Brown came yesterday."

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