Collins Talks Recent Offers, Visit Plans

Milan Collins had a handful of offers as solely a quarterback early in his recruitment, but his willingness to work out as a defensive back has added a few schools to the list and more have been by his school since. The athlete updated Scout with his latest offers, visit plans, and which coaches he feels comfortable with at this point.

Bishop McNamara (MD) High School has a handful of BCS-level recruits on its roster, but 2013 ATH Milan Collins has seen the biggest shift in attention since he showed a willingness to work out not only as a quarterback, but as a defensive back as well.

Since late last week, programs from all over the country have traveled to Forestville to see he and his Mustang teammates – and a pair of offers have resulted.

"I picked up BC two days ago, when they came to see me workout and I picked up Maryland today," said an excited Collins. "On Friday, Coach (Bryce) Bevil wanted to have a workout, and USC just happened to show up that morning. We worked out in front of USC – it went well. Boston College came Tuesday and they offered, then yesterday Iowa, Pitt and Miami came to watch me workout, lead the team and things like that.

"It's been a busy week to say the least."

Collins spoke about each new school to offer:

"With BC, what more can you say," he said. "Great academics, high graduation rate, not far removed from the ACC title game and an ACC Championship. They're on the track to get back to the ACC Championship."

"For Maryland, they are trying to get more Maryland kids to come there," he continued. "With guys like Stefon Diggs, Wes Brown to help them in the recruiting process and trying to add more Maryland kids to keep that pipeline. "

As if the offers weren't evidence of his successful workouts on both sides of the ball, the coaches from the schools that saw him have had good things to say about the 6-foot-2, 190-pound Collins.

"I've gotten great feedback, they like my athleticism and my size," he said. "The BC coach decided to offer (based on the workout), the USC coach and pretty much all the coaches have said great things."

After working out for schools over the last two weeks hoping to make an impression, Collins will switch things up as he travels to see a Big East school that will be trying to impress him.

"I plan on going to Rutgers for the spring game to support Brandon Coleman, an alumni of Bishop McNamara," he said. "For Brandon, for instance, he says it's a very family-type environment and he loves it up there. I was talking to (McNamara) Coach (Bryce) Bevil not too long ago about Brandon, and when he went to Rutgers to watch a spring practice, the coaches had nothing but great things to say about him – so to see an alumni have success at the Division I level is great."

With so many schools in the mix, Collins admits that his feelings on each program fluctuate.

"When schools come in to see you workout just about every day, your opinions change almost day-to-day," he said. "I haven't cut anything down. All the schools are on the same level."

However, the relationships with certain coaches are a bit more distinguished for Colllins.

"Me and (West Virginia) Coach (Daron) Roberts have the strongest relationship, we talk all the time," said the athlete. "Even though I just met (BC) Coach (Al) Washington on Tuesday, I think me and him are going to have a great relationship. And actually Coach (Rob) Moore from Syracuse.

"With all three coaches, they keep it 100 percent honest and real with me, first of all. The calls are just – I feel more comfortable with those three coaches, they give me every aspect of college life."

So a decision is not expected soon for Collins, even with a bit of added pressure from the hometown Terps.

"Playing for the hometown team will be great, but it's not a deciding factor in my decision," said Collins. "I'm going to the place that will be best for me to develop as a person, student and an athlete – so which ever school does that best, it will be the one Milan Collins will be at."

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