Collie's Schollies Are Mounting

The last we checked in on El Dorado Hills (CA) wide receiver Austin Collie, he completed a very successful Nike Camp on Stanford's campus and had a trio of intriguing offers. But his stock has continued to rise throughout the West since then, producing his current list is 10 Division I offers. Last night he gave <i>The Bootleg</i> an interview as he was finishing his time at BYU's football camp, before he arrives today to start Stanford's camp.

Austin Collie recruiting profile

The Bootleg:  How did you perform at the BYU camp and where did you surprise yourself?
Austin Collie:  I did real well.  I got a lot of comments on my route running, footwork, and hands.  The coaches were really impressed.
The Bootleg:  What was your biggest focus at the camp to improve?
Austin Collie:  Just adding things to my routes to get more of a separation from the DB.

The Bootleg:  From a recruiting perspective, what did the BYU coaches tell you and were there any BYU commits or heavy leans working you?
Austin Collie:  The coaches were really pressuring me to go there, and QB Jacob Bower would make a comment every now and then like, "That's how we will hook up if you come here."
The Bootleg:  So you think he's a heavy lean to BYU?
Austin Collie:  Yeah, he is leaning heavily to BYU.

The Bootleg:  Other than this camp in Provo, what else has been happening or will be happening with camps this summer?
Austin Collie:
  I went to UNLV already, and there's nothing after Stanford.
The Bootleg:  How was UNLV?
Austin Collie:  It went really well.  Coach [John] Robinson dropped an offer, which was cool.

The Bootleg:  Speaking of which, what is your total offer list like right now?
Austin Collie:
  Stanford, BYU, Washington State, Oregon State, Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, Utah, Utah State and UNLV.
The Bootleg:  Can you recall how the new offers since we last spoke were made?
Austin Collie:
  Oregon State was a phone call.  Arizona came by FedEx.  Arizona State FedEx.  Colorado FedEx.  Utah was a call.  UNLV was at their camp.  And Utah State was a call.

The Bootleg:  Of those new offers, which got you the most excited?
Austin Collie:  All of them.
The Bootleg:  That's a cop-out answer, Austin!
Austin Collie:  (laughs) When you get your first offer from Stanford, it's hard to get excited about anyone else.

The Bootleg:  Did any of the offers surprise you a little?
Austin Collie:  Arizona State surprised me because they said they wouldn't be able to do anything until the start of the season.
The Bootleg:  Did they see you at a camp, or did something else spark more interest?
Austin Collie:  I really have no idea; maybe they saw that Arizona offered.

The Bootleg:  Now that you have that impressive list of offers, is there a school or a few schools you are still hoping will offer?
Austin Collie:  Not really.  Nebraska likes me and that would be impressive.  Actually, it would be nice if Washington offered.

The Bootleg:  Do you think your future school is probably in your offer list right now?  And are you narrowing things down in your mind yet?
Austin Collie:  Definitely.  I have 10 sweet choices - 10 great schools.  But Stanford is still my leader.

The Bootleg:  When you think about where you'd like to be for your college years, who most often is in your mind giving you second thoughts about Stanford?
Austin Collie:  BYU.  It is now a different story now that my bro' is home [from his Mormon mission].  Before I wouldn't give BYU a thought.
The Bootleg:  Is he talking them up, or has it just hit you being around him what it would mean to be at school with him?
Austin Collie:  Just being at the school with him during this camp.

The Bootleg:  Is anyone really an intriguing close third, or is there a gap after those two?
Austin Collie:  Arizona State is up there.  (pause) But I really can't say favorites because my favorites are only those schools I have been to.  Once I take a couple visits, I will definitely have my decision made up.
The Bootleg:  When did you go to ASU?
Austin Collie:  I haven't but they are just a baller program - just the way they play the game.  And my cousin lives down there, and everyone tells me how nice it is.

The Bootleg:  Do you look at the receivers and their style at any of these schools specifically?
Austin Collie:  Yeah, I always look at the receivers wherever I am at.
The Bootleg:  Are there any of them at any of these schools that particularly get you jazzed?
Austin Collie:  Yeah.  In fact last year the receiver for BYU, Reno Mahe, showed me a couple of things to improve my routes. I also like the fact that Mark Bradford is going to Stanford this year.
The Bootleg:  Most guys would want to not follow a receiver like that, but you're psyched to come in after him?
Austin Collie:  I want to win a national title, so I want another receiver on the other side so we can have an overall sweet team.

The Bootleg:  What are you looking to either show or learn at this Stanford camp?  I think a lot of readers don't understand the motivation of a recruit going to multiple camps, where he already has offers.
Austin Collie:  I want to learn the ways of Stanford, get a feel for what they do, learn the routes they run and their overall offense.

The Bootleg:  At a lot of camps, the coaches are evaluating recruits, but you'll be evaluating the coaches?  Turning the tables, eh?
Austin Collie:  Yeah.
The Bootleg:  Is it nice to be on that side of the relationship, without all the stress?
Austin Collie:  Oh definitely.  I know the coaches have seen what they have wanted to see, so it is all a matter of relaxing and enjoying the experience.

The Bootleg:  Will these camps take you a lot of the way toward making your decision, because you've seen the schools and worked closely with the coaches?
Austin Collie:  Definitely.

The Bootleg:  Is getting through the Stanford admissions process a significant event leading toward your final decision?
Austin Collie:  Yeah.  I just got my SAT's back, and I received a 1110 and that's the hardest thing I feel.  You know, past the hump.
The Bootleg:  What do you mean by "the hardest thing" - can you elaborate?
Austin Collie:  That's probably the main obstacle in my way of getting admitted.
The Bootleg:  Was this your first time taking the SAT?
Austin Collie:
  No, I had taken it twice before.  Actually one PSAT and the other an original.
The Bootleg:  So was this a big jump in your score for you?  You seem relieved about it.
Austin Collie:  Yeah it was.  I received a 980 the first time.  I had been stressing it for a while.
The Bootleg:  Hey, congratulations on getting such a big jump in your score.
Austin Collie:  Thanks
The Bootleg:  Did you have a lot of prep and studying for it?
Austin Collie:  It's kinda weird - the first time I did but the second time I just relaxed.

The Bootleg:  So last question would be where are you with the Stanford application?
Austin Collie:  I have sent out the recommendations to all my teachers and those should be delivered as soon as they are done.  I just have to write the essay.
The Bootleg:  Do you have a goal for when you want to finish and submit that, or have the coaches given any guidance?
Austin Collie:  I just need it in by September 3.
The Bootleg:  So will you take the whole summer, or you might send it in earlier?
Austin Collie:  I will probably send it in at the end of the summer

The Bootleg:  Any guys you know you'll see at the Stanford camp, and any you're looking forward to meeting or hanging with?
Austin Collie:  Yep.  Alex Fletcher and C.J. Bacher.

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