Oberste "Excited" by TU Decision

Ben Oberste, the quarterback out of Sallisaw, Oklahoma, takes the next step in the recruiting process by committing to the University of Tulsa.

Ben Oberste, a 6-foot-2, 200 pound quarterback officially commits to the University of Tulsa and looks ahead to a bright future.

"I'm pretty excited," said Oberste. "I've been planning on committing for awhile, I just wanted to wait for the right time."

The right time came at a very unexpected moment in a very unanticipated place.

"Randomly on Friday, one of the Tulsa coaches, Coach Johnson, was at my high school and I got to talk with him," he said. "They told me this was my time to commit."

Ben decided that this was his time, and took advantage of the opportunity feeling immediate relief.

"I feel great, it took some weight off my shoulders," said Oberste.

Oberste looks forward to the closeness of his home to Tulsa. Previous relationships with players and coaches will make the transition much smoother, which is an immediate benefit.

"It is an hour away from my home, so that is always nice," he explained. "Up at campus it is such a great atmosphere. The coaches made me feel very welcome and I have a former teammate there, so I've gotten to know some of the guys on the team."

Ben described the football at the University of Tulsa as "real football" and greatly respects the way their program operates.

"I like the way they play football up there, it's real" he said.

Oberste remembers the interaction with Coach Johnson quite vividly.

"He [Coach Johnson] told me at some point a decision has to be made," Oberste recalled. "He told me committing to them would really help them a lot. They said I was a top target and if I committed, it would have a huge affect on a future class."

It was pretty easy from there to spill the good news.

"I told him I had planned on committing for awhile," he said with a smile.

The reaction of the coaches is always the best part, and Coach Johnson gave Oberste the response he hoped for.

"Coach Johnson smiled and said his heart skipped a beat," Oberste said. "It was exciting to learn that they needed me, everything just fell into place."

Once he committed, every vague vision he's ever had of playing college football became focused on playing at The University of Tulsa, and it is now a reality.

"I immediately starting thinking about the future and especially my future in football," he said. "When I said I was committing, I could see myself playing there. The next 5 years of my life kind of flashed before my eyes."

Greg Powers is a National Recruiting Analyst and responsible for the Midlands region. He has covered the National Championship, Big 12 Championship, U.S. Army Bowl, Under Armour Bowl and the International Bowl. He has appeared on FOX College Sports, FOX Sports Southwest and the NFL Network.
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