Washington Is Wide Open

Devin Washington has quickly become one of the hottest names on the recruiting trail for the southeast in the class of 2013. A 6-3, 225-pound defensive end from Orlando, Florida, Washington is already up to 25 scholarship offers, with more almost certainly on the way.

Profile - Devin Washington

Holding so many offers before the start of his senior season, Washington has been very proactive in taking visits to college programs to thoroughly explore all of his options. His dedication to the recruiting process was on full display during his spring break, as he went on a three day road trip that included visits to South Carolina, NC State, Duke and Georgia Tech.

"The trip went great," Washington told GoJackets.com. "I started my trip off at South Carolina. I went to practice, and I ran into a couple future draft picks in Stephon Gilmore, Melvin Ingram and Alshon Jeffery. After that, I went up to NC State and got to check out their facilities, which was really great. On the same day, I went up to Duke and checked them out, and Duke was amazing."

The final part of Washington's trip came on his way back down to Florida, as he stopped by Atlanta to check out Georgia Tech, which is one of the few programs recruiting him that has not yet extended a scholarship offer.

"I went to Georgia Tech on our way home and spent some time with Coach (Joe) Speed and just took a tour of the school and the campus. I had been down there last fall, and I just got a chance to check out things that I didn't get to see last time. I just really enjoyed the trip overall."

"Coach Speed showed me around campus. I met with Coach (Paul) Johnson and sat down in his office and talked with him. He was just talking about what they have going and what they have planned."

Washington claims that he doesn't currently have a list of top schools, although he admits that there a few programs that are beginning to stand out to him. He would like to narrow his list down in the near future so that he can focus on making a decision a little later down the road. "It's kind of wide open right now. South Carolina, Duke and NC State definitely stand out. I have offers from all of them, so they are definitely standing out. I don't have a list right now, but those three are definitely standing out if I did have a list. "

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