Elite 11 Tryout Notes

A rundown of what happened today at the Elite 11 in Columbus, Ohio.

Shane Morris - The Michigan commit won MVP and was our consensus choice as top performer. He showed off his usual velocity, but also was consistent and accurate today. Some kids had trouble catching his passes, and he definitely earned his invite to Los Angeles.

Malik Zaire - The Notre Dame pledge had a good day. A few receivers I talked to thought he was the top performer. He spins it well and I thought he got better as the day went along. Throw in that he's quick and mobile, and you have a kid who's poised to do well at the next level. He's not the biggest guy, but he overcomes that.

Max Staver - The guy who maybe helped himself the most. He's a big kid with a strong arm and was consistently on the money. He also threw the ball down field very well.

Damion Terry - Michigan State commit was consistent and accurate. He still has some filling out to do, which will improve his velocity, but he did a lot of nice things today.

Danny Etling - This future Boilermaker also got stronger as the day went along. He throws an accurate, catchable ball. He doesn't necessarily have a cannon, but he can make all the throws. I think he'll do well in Purdue's system.

Brett Sheehan - I thought he was one of the more consistent guys. He didn't have an overpowering arm, but he had decent zip on the ball, mechanically sound and the biggest thing was that he was consistent on all of his throws.

Shane McCarley - Texas product was not the biggest guy but threw well on the move and was able to generate good velocity on his ball. In the right system, he has a chance to be a productive college player.

Ben Dreslinski - He really surprised me with how he spun the ball and how consistent he was. Not a huge arm, but consistently tight ball and good accuracy.

Luke Del Rio - Another guy who isn't huge, but can really sling it. His passes have good velocity. He needs to work on the touch ball still, but he can throw it on the move and has a nice arm.

Matt Alviti - The Northwestern commit did not necessarily have his best day, but we thought he threw the ball deep very well. He threw some beautiful go routes. Again, not the best we've seen him but he threw some really pretty balls too.

Kyle Bolin - Same for the Louisville commit as Alviti. It wasn't his best day, but he was still solid. He's up to 195-lbs and filling out nicely. We'd like to see continue to do that and refine his mechanics.

Jalin Marshall - Slated to play running back or receiver at Ohio State, Marshall worked out at quarterback today and actually threw the ball very well. He took to some early coaching and got better. He won't likely be a college quarterback full time, but as a wildcat guy or a trick play type guy, he's going to be very dangerous.

TraVon Chapman - He's an athletic kid that looked good on the hoof, but as a dual threat guy, this is not necessarily his setting. We'd like to see more consistency, but at the same time, we realize he's a gamer who's much better when you add in the running threat.

Mitch Trubisky - Like Chapman, he's better in a setting where he can use his feet, so this wasn't his best day, but that's why an event like this is only a small piece of the evaluation.

Austin Bruns - Good sized kid who throws a nice ball. Not a big league arm, but consistent and hits receivers in stride.

Cameron Thomas - Needs to fill out, but a good athlete with good feet and places his passes well. Throws with nice touch.

Darius Strickland - Has good velocity on his passes. Sometimes needs to put a little more touch on it, but he impressed us with how the ball came out of his hand.

Montell Cozart - Watch out for this guy, he's a sleeper who turned in a very nice day.

Barton Mann - Another sleeper who emerged today. He threw several nice passes and this Kentucky product has a chance to do well at camps this summer and continue to raise his stock.

Brian Owens - Illinois product is on the skinnier side, but consistently put his passes on the money today.

Davaun Williams - Detroit King prospect has a live arm and can put some heat on his passes and moves well also.

Drew Barker - 2014 prospect throws well on the move, has good size and throws a tight ball. Definitely worthy of his early BCS offer and should get more.

Tyler Wiegers - Hasn't played much on the varsity level, but a good bet to break out this year as he has good size and throws a nice ball. Good arm strength and accurate.

DeShone Kizer - Good size and athleticism. Still has room to fill out and grow, but the upside is there.

A.J. Long - He was calm for a 2014 kid after participating last year and didn't seem phased by the situation. Short to intermediate routes, he threw well and was good on the roll going left and right.

Michael O'Connor - Canadian product has a good frame and can put some zip on his passes. He's a dropback guy, and being just a 2014 kid, he has a chance to be a good one.

Brent Lyles - He's a young kid who's still filling out, but the ball comes out of his hand nicely and he has an easy delivery. We'll wait to see more of him, but he clearly has some potential.

Mack Leftwich - 2013 prospect isn't real tall, but threw it very well today.

Darron Lee - Being recruited as an athlete or safety, Lee actually had a solid day throwing the football but is not likely to play quarterback at the next level.

Mickey Macius - Illinois product had some nice moments throwing the ball and has solid size.

Jack Seymour - He's started to pick up more interest. Has good size, a solid arm and threw it well today.

Ricky Davis - We'd like to see more today, but he did well enough today that we do want to see more, which we should this fall. He has a nice arm and good mobility.

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