GBW E-11 Tryout Breakdown: The U-M Targets

At the Elite 11 Tryout at Old Dominion U yesterday, GBW's Josh Newkirk focused on kids of Michigan fan interest: Shane, and '14 kids Deshone Kizer from Toledo, and Tyler Wiegers from Det. Country Day. Here's his scouting report, with comments from Allen Trieu as well.

Shane Morris earns invite and MVP

Warren De LaSalle five-star quarterback and Michigan commit Shane Morris wanted to prove the skeptics wrong after his uneven performance at the Dallas Elite 11 Quarterback tryout in March. Well, he just didn't prove his critics wrong, he dominated the competition. Morris took home camp MVP at the Columbus (Old Dominion U) Elite 11 quarterback tryout, earning him the tryout's official Elite 11 invite.

Morris showcased his tremendous arm strength all day. He was able to make all the throws. His deep ball just looked better then everyone else's. But what put Morris over the top today was his ability to throw with touch. He admitted after the trip to Dallas that he needed to take a little off some of his throws. He did exactly that in the yesterday's tryout. He was putting the ball in the receivers' bread basket all day—and that won him the competition right there. Morris' ability to throw on the run was also on display, as he was making pin point throws no matter which side he was rolling out to. By winning the MVP, it only justified that Morris is the real deal—when he is on his A game, he is awful darn good.

"I came out here with an edge on my shoulder," he told GoBlueWolverine, "a chip on my shoulder. Knowing that I needed to do what I needed to do. I went home after the Elite 11 in Dallas and worked my butt off every day, just training and learning things I need to do. They told me I need to work on consistency and accuracy, and throwing a spiral, and not throwing 100 mph. That is something I felt I did today, and something I have been working on. I'm proud of myself for that. But obviously I am not where I need to be. I need to keep working everyday, and I'm never going to be satisfied."

National Recruiting Analyst Allen Trieu thoughts on Morris's performance:

"He always wows with his arm strength and velocity, but today he was more consistent than we've seen him in the past. He was accurate throughout the day and deserved the MVP award."


2014 Quarterbacks DeShone Kizer and Tyler Wiegers

2014 quarterback DeShone Kizer had a good showing at the tryout. He is a big strong looking prospect out of Toledo Central Catholic. At 6-foot-5, 205-pounds, Kizer was able to show off his arm strength, and it might be his best trait. While it is not at Morris' level, he definitely has a nice arm. He showcased decent touch on his deep balls, and was able to make most of the throws. Kizer has an above average mobility and was able to move well on his rollouts. I wouldn't label him a mobile quarterback, but a QB that knows how to run when he has too. Kizer did struggle with some throws, because of his footwork. It is something he needs to work on in the future.

"My arm strength sort of put me on top with some of the other 2014 quarterbacks," Kizer said about competing with other soon-to-be juniors. "Some of them were bigger guys, but none of them were close to my size. I could use my arm strength and kind of edge out on top of those guys."

Trieu thoughts on Kizer's performance

"He has all the tools. He has very good size, good athleticism, effortless release. He's young, so he needs to just keep adding polish and consistency. Some of the stuff today he might have been doing for the first time. We'll look to see how he develops because he is certainly very talented."

Detroit Country Day quarterback Tyler Wiegers had a promising performance at the tryout. A 2014 prospect, Weigers made most of the throws all day. He squares his body on delivery and threw surprising well in the mobility drills. He seems like a decent athlete too. He had a couple nice throws off the waggle and puts a nice spin on the ball. He stands at 6-foot-3, 187-pounds so size isn't his issue. He was fairly accurate on his throws overall, and with experience he will only get better. But his upside is tremendous, and if he showcases his abilities that were present today, he should have a big junior campaign. He is definitely worth noting going into the fall.

Trieu thoughts on Wiegers' performance

"Even though he hasn't played much yet, you can see the potential in this kid. He throws a nice ball and is a natural passer. Let's see what he does this year on the field, but so far on the camp circuit he has done very well."

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