NFTC Breakdown: Billy Price

A year ago Youngstown (OH) Fitch lineman Billy Price left many at the NFTC wondering about his future potential after a subpar performance as an offensive lineman. This past Saturday, Price, now a defensive tackle left few questions about the direction he's headed. Here is a breakdown of what we saw.

Billy Price
High School: Fitch (Youngstown, Ohio)
HT: 6-4 | WT: 290 lbs.
College Pledge: Ohio State

Projected Positions: Defensive Tackle | Offensive Guard/Center

A year ago Price left many questions after a poor performance as an offensive lineman at the NFTC where several top level defensive linemen abused him during one-on-one drills. On Saturday things changed as Price came prepared to hand out his share of beatings as a defensive tackle.


The first area that stood out from a year ago was the physical development Price has made as he now has a thick rock solid build. There is no sloppiness in Price's body and while he's improved his flexibility there is still work needed in this area.

There is no question Price now brings to the field great brute strength capable of winning battles. However, we would like to see more recoil from both the lower and upper body to go with his physical strength to give him more explosion.


During one-on-one drills Price excelled when he was able to stay low and line-up in a 1-technique. However, when placed against a solid offensive lineman who uses good technique, Price struggled when lined up in a 2-technique and seemed to get frustrated.

At times you have to think a possible move to the offensive side of the ball as a center or guard could be considered if he remains one dimensional in his play.


For Price to reach the level many expect at the college level he'll need to continue developing his game. Keep in mind we're talking about a high school player with great physical size and strength still learning the game. If he starts learning how to use his hands and adds a few moves to his repertoire instead of just using a bull rush, we're talking about a player capable of being a force on the inside.

There is no question Price brings a tough-guy mentality to the field that helps him win battles against weaker offensive linemen. However, this will only get you so far at the college level when battling players of equal power and equal or higher skills.

Price is a safe bet as a prospect because of his ability to project on both sides of the ball. At this time I see a player fully capable of taking on double-teams in the middle as a nose and freeing up players around him to make plays. However, I do not see a player who will generate pressure on the quarterback on a consistent basis.

As we said above, Price in the long run could be better suited lining up at center or guard with his skill set. In the end we like the work ethic and desire to improve shown by Price the past twelve months and expect to see a more complete player when he gets a year of college under his belt.

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