A Closer Look at Lafayette

Many might expect a new team to rise to the top of Mississippi's 4A classification next fall with the graduation of QB Jeremy Liggins and RB Demarcus Dennis off of Lafayette's offense, but don't be surprised if the Commodores are holding that golden ball once again come December.

Lafayette Outlook

The Commodores will be salty on defense gain next fall and look to have plenty of playmakers on offense to continue their quest for another state title.

Lafayette's head coach, Eric Robertson, highlighted some of the players you could see on the next level.

D.K. Buford
**The top playmaker on offense will come from their rising slot back, D.K. Buford.

""D.K. is a super fast kid who has started for us since his 9th grade season," added Lafayette head coach Eric Robertson. "D.K. has been the fastest player on the field since he got here. He's smart too. Buford is an excellent student for us as well. All of the college recruiters who come by here; the first name that comes out of their mouth is where is D.K. Buford."

"He's just a real active kid but his biggest attribute is his speed. He is pretty strong but he goes from one sport to the other so it's hard to keep him in the weight room like he needs to be. Once he settles in on one sport the kid is going to be that much stronger and bigger. D.K. has held on to his weight since the season let out. He measured in at 5' 11", 190 the other day. The kid can just fly. He's not real shifty like Demarkous Dennis. He's a north and south runner. When he makes that one cut, he's gone. Once he gets out in the open field he just hits another gear that no one else has. Demarkous could change directions but D.K. is more of a physical runner. He just is not as thick as Demarkus."

Buford averaged over 10 yards a touch last season. He had 55 rushes for 572 yards/10 TD's while chipping in 12 catches for 196 yards and 2 TD's).

Brandon Mack
**The new trigger man on offense will come from their do-it-all athlete Brandon Mack

"He is our most athletic kid on our team. He was our best receiver and defensive back last fall, but we are moving him to QB because we have more or less a zone read offense. We want him to have the ball in his hands as many times as possible."

"Brandon is all of 6' 1", 185 and will be a defensive back on the next level. I think he will make a great strong safety. His cousin is Jeffrey Dukes and he is bigger than Jeffrey. Brandon has good speed."

"Mack is receiving a lot of interest from Southern Mississippi and Ole Miss is also showing some interest. They want to get him on campus and work out in front of them. MSU does too. He will not play QB in college but he has real good hands and can really jump. He's a great jumper. Brandon will be an outstanding safety on the next level in my opinion.

Brandon Mack
**Cortez Coleman was our best defender last year. His height (6' 1", 245) hurts him at the position (DE) he plays. That's a big concern for the college recruiters. He is a wait and see type of guy. I do not know which level he will play on? I see him playing the three technique (DT) in the interior on the next level. Cortez is a super strong kid though but I am afraid his height is going to hurt him at the SEC level. If he develops into a tackle then he could play in the SEC.

"MSU really likes Cortez. It's his height they are worried about. USM likes him a lot too. He's got great film and moves well for a guy his size."

Alec Michael
**Perhaps the heart and soul to Lafayette's defense comes from their stand out linebacker, Alec Michael.

"Alec is a strong kid, extremely strong. He was the second leading tackler last season. He plays ILB for us and is just a real good football player. I do not know which level he is going to play next, but whoever picks him up will be glad they did. Alec is sneaky good."

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