DeVine: Everything Came Up Georgia Tech

Tri-Cities (GA) offensive lineman Shamire Devine has long thought to be a Georgia Tech lean. Tonight he made public what Coach Johnson has known since Monday, he gave the Yellow Jackets a verbal commitment.

Profile - Shamire DeVine

"I made it known publicly that I am a Georgia Tech commit. I just thought that it was time to make a decision and everything came up Georgia Tech."

Academics was the primary factor in DeVine's decision. "I really like the academics there and that is very important to me. The relationship that Shamire built with the coaches also played a big role in his decision. The school's location was also a factor. "I wish it was 30 miles farther out than it is but being close to home is a plus."

DeVine has yet to let his recruiting coach (Buzz Preston) know about his decision. "I was supposed to yesterday and today but he was out of town and I had my spring game." DeVine let Coach Paul Johnson know on Monday that he was committing to Georgia Tech. Shamire is prepared for the possibility of other teams calling him. "I am not interested in Georgia so I don't think they will call." As far as Devine is concerned, his recruitment is over. DeVine will be coming to Tech as a guard. He hopes his teammate Jeremi Hall can join him. "I can't speak for Jeremi but that was my plan from the start. We both want to be the guards that pave the way for the offense on the same team."

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