On the War Path

Picking up 18 offers since January, St. Edward (Ohio) defensive back Solomon Warfield is one of the hotter prospects in the state of Ohio. Having already made one cut, Warfield could be on the verge of picking up some more big offers, especially from the Big Ten.

LAKEWOOD, Ohio - As he put the final touches on his book report, Solomon Warfield admitted that the ‘Catcher in the Rye' wasn't really his type of reading material.

"I rather be reading a playbook," he quipped. "That's one of the best books there is."

For a long period of time, the 6-foot, 175-pound Warfield from St. Edward HS was curious if he would get the opportunity to read a BCS playbook. He looks back at those past thoughts, recognizing how silly he was to doubt his abilities.

Warfield has been on a tear since the Proving Ground Combine at January's Semper Fidelis Bowl, so much so that his offer list has ballooned to over 18. In the last few weeks, Arizona State, Boston College, Kentucky, Syracuse and West Virginia have all come through with BCS offers, and a dozen of other schools are showing interest.

"A lot of schools said they are still evaluating me and that I could be getting a scholarship," said Warfield, mentioning Michigan and Penn State as two of the many schools showing high interest. "It's humbling and exciting because I wasn't getting any offers at the beginning of the year. I saw guys that I was playing with and guys I know I could compete with at camps getting offers.

"Now I have a whole bunch of offers, and it's a really good feeling to know that schools take interest in me. I am blessed and I am enjoying it right now."

Warfield has already eliminated the MAC schools from his list – meaning Ball State, Bowling Green, Kent State, Miami (OH) and Northern Illinois will have to look elsewhere for a shutdown defensive back. Before he makes his next round of cuts, he wants to see what some other schools – like Wisconsin – plan to do with him.

After not being in contact with the UW coaches for ‘awhile,' Warfield received a visit last week from members of the Wisconsin coaching staff who wanted to check in to see how things were going with football and school.

"They were telling me about Wisconsin and it was a real good day," said Warfield of his visit with the coaches. "I've liked Wisconsin for a long time. If they would offer, they would definitely be one of my top schools because I know it's a good school for academics and football."

Since the calendar turned five months ago, Warfield said he has held himself to a higher level in terms of competition, work ethic and academics. From grinding through book reports to his daily workout sessions and conditioning, Warfield maintains that the change in his recruitment hasn't changed his daily approach that has earned him these opportunities.

"I have tried to really narrow my list five or eight times," said Warfield. "I am not going to narrow my approach just because big schools are looking at me."

Whether Wisconsin, Michigan or Penn State ever offer is irrelevant to Warfield. In his eyes, he has already proven that he is a BCS level player.

"I am really just soaking it all in and waiting," said Warfield, who hopes for an August decision. "I want to get more offers, but I am not waiting for anyone to offer me. I want to visit a lot of schools this summer, talk to the coaches and see what school I fall in love with.

"If they don't offer by the time I really fall in love with a school, it's just too late."

Warfield says he wants to visit at least Indiana, Pittsburgh and Wisconsin this summer and possibly Michigan and a trip to Arizona.

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