Lions Make Surprise Visit to Bama DB

Shaun Rupert had no idea Penn State was seriously interested in him. Now he wants to learn more about the school.

Carver High defensive back Shaun Rupert did not know Penn State was coming to visit him at his high school in Montgomery, Ala.

However, after Nittany Lion assistant Ted Roof ended his meeting with the 6-foot-1, 190-pound junior, the initial visit wasn't the biggest surprise. Instead, it was the offer Roof extended to Rupert.

“I was surprised when Coach Roof showed up at school, I didn't know Penn State had that much of an interest in me,” Rupert said. “He talked to me about how much he liked me and the way I play, and he told me about the school.”

Rupert said some of what Roof told him was old information, but some of it was new, too.

“I knew everything about the tradition and winning seasons and the fan base and all that stuff,” Rupert said. “But I'm still learning more about them, and I want to learn more.”

Rupert told Scout's Andrew Bone that distance and “a lot going on up there right now” were two things holding him back from committing to Penn State. But he added he's more concerned about getting to visit State College than he is about anything else.

“The scandal and all that other stuff, it doesn't really bother me, I don't think about it,” Rupert told Bone. “I just want to play good football in a good environment, and Penn State has that. I just want to visit to check it out for myself.”

Rupert said he plans on visiting Penn State in the fall.

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