Peko talks about Brown's BYU commitment

BYU has now extended two scholarship offers to Cerritos College defensive tackles. One was extended on Friday to Ma'ataua Brown, who committed to Coach Mendenhall. The first, meanwhile, was extended to fellow teammate Kyle Peko, who hasn't committed yet but was excited for Brown.

Kyle Peko was happy to hear of Ma'ataua Brown's commitment to BYU on Friday.

"Man, that's definitely great for Ma'a!" Peko said. "That's a big accomplishment for him and I'm excited for Ma'a. I'm proud for him."

Now, Brown wants to share the unique experience he had on BYU's campus with Peko.

"Man, I just want to tell Kyle what it's like up here," said an excited Brown. "I gotta let him know because I never expected this to ever happen to me. It's just a whole new thing and something I want to be a part of."

"Yeah, this kind of surprises me because he never talked much about any schools that were talking to him or anything," said Peko about Brown's commitment. "He just told me, ‘Yeah, I'm going to go take a trip up to BYU.' I was like, ‘Oh, cool man.'"

Upon hearing Brown's news, Peko said he plans on calling him up.

"I need to give him a call and talk to him about this," Peko said. "I think this is a good thing for him. I'm excited to take a trip up there to see what Ma'a has experienced. I need to give him a call."

Peko has already spoken to Jesse Quezada, the older brother of BYU running back Joshua Quezada, to get insight about BYU.

"[Jesse] congratulated me on the offer and gave me some input on picking a school," said Peko. "He told me about BYU and talked about all the good things that BYU has to offer. He talked about the coaches and what the football program is all about. He talked about the standards and expectations and all that."

Much like Brown prior to this week, Peko has yet to plan an unofficial trip to BYU.

"I haven't had any plans and I haven't talked to any coaches about that yet," Peko said. "I really don't know yet. It's probably something I need to think more about."

While playing for La Habra High School, Peko was a two-time all-CIF and first-team all-Freeway League selection and was selected as the league's lineman of the year two years in a row. Being close friends, Peko actually listed Brown as his favorite athlete on his college bio page. Now that Brown has committed to BYU, there is a good chance the two could play alongside each other at the next level.

"I think that would be cool," Peko said. "We already have a connection, so it would be cool because we already have that chemistry and connection playing together."

Now all Peko has to do is plan that trip.

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