Baker back from LSU Bayou Picnic

LSU commit Chuck Baker is always a candid interview and the amiable wide receiver from Salmen High School in Slidell (La.) talked with FoxSportsNext/ about yesterday's Bayou Recruiting Picnic hosted by the SEC power Tigers.

It comes as no surprise to LSU fans that Chuck Baker and Jeryl Brazil have a great relationship. The two Tiger commits have taken leadership roles within the circle of their '13 class when it comes to assisting the LSU staff with recruiting.

"The picnic went good," said Baker, whose stock is on the rise after he showed out at a Nike Football Training Camp in front of National Recruiting Analyst Chad Simmons, who oversees the South Region for this network.

Baker added that he felt pride at the "big picnic" in Baton Rouge.

"It was good times," said Baker. "I was looking at the other recruits who were there. All the guys that are commits took a pic with (LSU head coach) Les Miles.

"We watched highlight films and there was an X-Box with all of the games. There was a lot to do at the picnic."

Baker said pal and fellow commit Brazil was the boss when it came to video game football showdowns among LSU recruits.

"Jeryl did his thing," said Baker. "I didn't play, but I would have given him a run for his money if I had."

Baker continued to discuss Brazil.

"Jeryl and I are both good friends," said Baker. "When we meet up and have a conversation, good things happen. He has the character and personality that coaches like to see, and I try to hold to the same high standards that he does.

"We're looked at as 'big dogs' -- Jeryl and Chuck -- and we need to set a good example with the way we carry ourselves."

What else did Baker mention about yesterday?

"I knew all the people who were there and I enjoy hanging around with Jeryl and Coach (Adam) Henry and Coach Miles," he began. "Coach Henry watched my spring game, and I chose to call and tell him I would see him at the picnic.

"Every time I go to LSU, the commits and coaches continue to bind closer and closer as one. Coach Henry (WRs coach) is always straight-up with me and will tell me what's on his mind. For example, he told me he likes my agility and speed, but he wanted me to work on not sticking my legs out in my breaks. He told me to shorten my step when I'm coming out of a break (on a pass route).

"Coach Miles is also a straight-up person. He enjoys me coming to campus and talking with him. He's proud of me, and I liked to hear that from him. I know to keep doing what I've been doing."

Baker won't camp at LSU's first session although he'll be there for the second installment (in July).

"Most people come to the July camp," he said. "There's more people than the June camp. You will see everybody at the second camp. Our football team at Salmen is practicing for 7-on-7, and we'll be playing other schools.

"I want LSU fans to know I'm working hard, and I'm looking forward to getting over there this summer at the camp. I always enjoy my time with the 'LSU Fam.'"

We asked Baker if he's heard the rumor about St. Augustine (New Orleans Catholic school) RB Leonard Fournette transferring to Salmen (where the '14 star would be immediately eligible because he reportedly resides in the Salmen attendance zone in Slidell).

"This is the first I've heard of that," said Baker. "If he did transfer, I guarantee that Salmen would never be the same with Christopher Thomas and him both at running back."

Baker has put on some "welcomed weight."

"I got on the scale and saw I had gained six pounds," said Baker, who checks in at 6-foot-2 from a height standpoint. "I just had a few wisdom teeth pulled, too. I had surgery for that the other day.

"It feels good to have this extra weight. Coach Frank (Wilson) and Coach Henry said they could tell I grew a little. I told them yesterday I've been gaining weight. I've been drinking a lot of smoothies. I'm back on my protein. I got down to 185 pounds during track season, but I'm a good 193 pounds now. I was eager to gain some weight back."

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