WR Dominique Booth talks U-M, other camps

The 2014 wideout from Indianapolis Pike recently had a visit from the Michigan coaching staff at the end of the Spring Evaluation Period. Booth confirms to GBW a return trip to Michigan, and talks about a couple more June stops as well.

GBW: Michigan coach Curt Mallory was at your school for one of your workouts recently. Have you talked to him since he came up? What has he said about Michigan's interest in you?

Booth: "Yes. He wanted to let me know how much they are interested in me. He wanted to make sure that I come up for a camp. Cause the last time I went there, the head coach had something going on. I really didn't get to see too much or talk to anybody. He just wanted to reassure me that I am high up on their recruiting board, and that they are really interested in me. And he was telling me what all that Michigan has to offer. "

GBW: The last time we spoke, you said Michigan State, Cincinnati, Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri were the schools that are sticking out for you. If Michigan were to offer you, would they be on that list?

Booth: "My list is just schools that I have visited and that have offered me. That's how I know most about them, because I feel comfortable with them. Until I go up (to Ann Arbor) and see everything … … I'm hoping after I visit and going to camp, I get the offer (from Michigan) because they are saying I am high on their recruiting board. So—yeah."

GBW: When do you plan on visiting Michigan?

Booth: "June 20th I'll be there for camp."

GBW: What will you be looking for on you visit to Michigan?

Booth: "Well during the camp I will be looking for chemistry with the coach. I can't go to a place where the receivers coach and I don't gel well together as a player and coach. I am also looking at the academics. I am trying to do something with sports medicine or athletic training—I am not sure which major or path I want to go yet. I will definitely look to see if they have those (degrees). I want to talk to the head coach and see what his morals are and what he stands by. And see what his expectations are and if he is a good teacher. I ‘m looking for a coach that is a good teacher, that will teach you good things to learn along the way, and gets you prepared for this world.

GBW: Are you still looking to make a decision by the end of your junior year?

Booth: "I want to, yeah. I want to."

GBW: Michigan has been hot on the recruiting trail. Does it make it more enticing to go to a school with other top recruits?

"Yeah it is pretty important a have a good offensive line. And a good quarterback that can get you the ball. So yeah, it is important."

GBW: "What is the rest of your summer schedule going to look like?

Booth: "We have a busy summer schedule. I will be busy with my 7-on-7 schedule. In June I may be visiting Florida, they want me to come down there for a camp. My coach is talking to Florida and he will let me know more about them later tonight or tomorrow. Then on June 20th I will be visiting Michigan, and then on the June 22nd I will be visiting Ohio State

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