Oregon receiver to camp at BYU

He's already been on BYU's campus for an unofficial visit and enjoyed every minute of it. Now this Wilsonville High School wide receiver plans on making a return visit to Provo, Utah, and is hoping his next visit will top the first.

Coming in at 6 feet 2 inches and 185 pounds, Tanner Shipley has been recruited by Coach Poppinga for some time now. Now the top receiver in the state of Oregon will be heading back to Provo.

"Well, I'm heading out there around the 25th of June for the padded camp, where it sounds like they could be offering me," said Shipley. "I'm really excited to get out there and have been talking with Coach Poppinga and Coach Cahoon and they're awesome guys. It's a great situation and I'm excited."

Apparently Shipley has been receiving some good vibes from the Cougar coaching staff, leading him to believe that an offer could be coming soon.

"It's sounding like it," Shipley said. "I don't know for sure but it kind of sounds that way. I just got my first offer from Wyoming, and Oregon State and Oregon are showing a lot of interest in me."

Along with Inoke Lotulelei of Cottonwood High School and Greg Weichers of Bingham, Shipley stated that he is considered one of the top prospects in the hunt for the second receiver scholarship offer allotted for the class of 2013.

"BYU has told me that I'm on the top of their board and that I'm number one right now," said Shipley. "They said they're looking at two other guys but that I'm at the top right now. They said they like what they're seeing of me on my film and all I have to do is go out there and keep doing what I've been doing on my film and when they come out to watch me. It's a good feeling and I'm excited for the future."

On June 13, many top Cougar prospects will be in attendance at BYU's Junior Day in the hopes that a coveted Cougar scholarship offer will be given. Shipley, however, won't be one of those in attendance.

"I was invited to come out for the Junior Day but I've got a lot of things going on," said Shipley. "I've got a lot of padded camps to go to and will be going to Oregon's padded camp that week. Then I'll be going to the Oregon passing camp after that. Then after that I'll be heading up to BYU. The BYU coaches didn't care that I didn't come for the Junior Day as long as I get out there some time in June."

With the prospect of possibly being offered, Shipley can't wait to get back down to BYU.

"Well, I mean, I'm not going to get greedy or anything, but from what they've said I can't be more excited thinking about it," said Shipley. "I'm just excited to get down there and get a feel for the entire program. BYU is definitely high on my list. I'm excited."

Though Shipley is being recruited as a receiver, the Cougar staff was initially considering him for defense.

"They liked me at safety at first," Shipley said. "They evaluated me more and really felt that playing receiver at the slot position is where I would be best at."

Coach Poppinga is the one that first discovered and evaluated the Wilsonville High School athlete. Now that BYU is looking at Shipley to play receiver, receiver coach Ben Cahoon has entered the recruiting fray.

"I really transitioned from Coach Poppinga to Coach Cahoon during the recruiting process," Shipley said. "[Cahoon] said that he really likes me and likes how I run my routes. I'll probably be recruited as a wide receiver there. I still talk to Coach Poppinga, but I've gotten to know Coach Cahoon a lot more since."

As previously noted, Shipley has already visited BYU before.

"When I went down to BYU the last time, I got a chance to talk to Coach Cahoon and he's just a great guy," Shipley said. "I came down for an unofficial visit during Alumni Day. I came down with my mom who lives in Las Vegas. We came up there together for a visit and got to see the campus and everything."

Touring the campus, Shipley was very impressed with what he saw.

"Oh my gosh, the campus is just amazing!" he said. "It's all just mind-blowing. You see all the great, top-of-the-line facilities they have out there surrounded by the mountains and it's just amazing. The campus is just amazing and it's a real plus in my book. I appreciated it a lot when I was out there."

While Shipley was visiting BYU, he also met with the Cougar staff.

"I met with all the coaches and it was great," said Shipley. "They showed me all the facilities and I'm excited to get out there again. I spoke with Coach Cahoon, who really knows his stuff on the field and just seems like a great mentor. He really wants his players to succeed and be the best. He's a great guy overall and really pushes his players to excel and be better. I'm excited to get out there again."

Shipley is very close friends with Wilsonville High School teammate Johnny Ragin, and both will be down at BYU in the month of June.

"I'll be there with Johnny Ragin and we're looking forward to it," Shipley said. "It would be pretty amazing to get an offer from BYU and it would be amazing playing with Johnny. It would be a blessing to play on the field with him."

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