"I've Had a Lot of Thoughts"

Conference realignment can be a factor in some prospects' recruitment. Wayne Gallman says he's solidly committed to Clemson but he's "had a lot of thoughts" when it comes to CU switching conferences. He discusses his thoughts here and also gives us the latest on teammate Robert Nkemdiche.

For Clemson commit Wayne Gallman, playing in the ACC or SEC is very important.

"I've been hearing some rumors that Clemson could switch conferences maybe. I've had a lot of thoughts. It just depends. If they move to the SEC, I'm definitely staying. If they move to the Big 12, I might consider another SEC school."

Gallman says he hasn't really been in contact with any other school as he is solidly committed to Clemson. But, he does mention a few he's talked with recently.

"I just talked to Alabama and LSU and Ole Miss a little. They were at our spring game. Other than that I've just been getting letters from schools."

Of course, Grayson HS teammate Robert Nkemdiche is a major topic of conversation with Gallman and college coaches. He says he doesn't mind it.

"It's cool. They ask me about him all the time. They just ask for an update. We are trying to go to the same school together so I don't know. I know he likes Alabama but I have no idea right now. It's a good thing we have until signing day to decide."

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