Bruggman Watch 2013: Predictions

THE BEAUTY of following the college football talent chase is that it's all about hope and the belief that a glorious future awaits. The bane is that full-fledged adults can have their mood swayed by the decisions of 17- and 18-year-old kids. And so it is as we enter the final stages of Bruggman Watch 2013. We asked three people close to the process, and one with keen interest, to make predictions.

Is it going to be Cougars or Sun Devils? Or perhaps a shocking interloper?

Tyler Bruggman, the 4-star quarterback from Brophy Prep in Phoenix, has more than a dozen known scholarship offers from the likes of Arkansas, Michigan State, Purdue, UCLA, BYU and Arizona. But his list is believed to have been narrowed to two -- Washington State and Arizona State. And he tells both CF.C and the Arizona Republic that his decision will be made very shortly.

So who will it be?

If you were the gambling type, which schools would you put your wager on?

We asked that question of three people who have had more than a passing interest in Bruggman's recruitment, and another who has objectively followed the recruiting wars for years.

  • JASON JEWEL, southwest recruiting analyst:

    "WSU. Just my gut feeling. I spoke to him yesterday. He's torn."

  • RICHARD OBERT, Arizona Republic reporter:

    "ASU. I've heard that Tyler spent some time at ASU on Monday as well as Wednesday ... I know ASU has put the full-court press on him lately. (Staying home could be big for their family)... just my feelings."

  • HOD RABINO, publisher:

    "I pick ASU. Feel that he still likes ASU a tad more than WSU."

  • JACK EVANS, Recruiting Analyst Emeritus:

    "I have no first-hand insights whatsoever, so am purely looking at this from an outside perspective. The hometown aspect to this would seem to weigh heavy, but it cuts both ways. Some kids want to go away for school, others want to stay close and play for the team they've always followed. The other big issue is the type of offenses the two schools run. Both figure to be high scoring, but Leach's is completely, absolutely, positively built around the quarterback and Todd Graham's has a serious run component at ASU. Based solely on the football aspect of this, I predict he'll go with WSU."

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