Ruffin Reschedules for Cajun Camp

West Lauderdale High School had a tough year last year on the football, but are looking to rebound thanks to a talented transfer, linebacker Jarkeith Ruffin. Ruffin is a name that is really starting to heat up in the recruiting world and he has a busy slate in the upcoming weeks. One place that Jarkeith is visiting soon is the home of the Ragin' Cajuns.

"Mississippi State, Southern Miss, Ole Miss, Delta State, Texas A&M, Alabama State, Louisiana Tech, Louisiana, and a couple of JUCOS. Right now, Ole Miss is probably on me the hardest. Ole Miss is probably my leader because I hear from them more right now. I missed most of my Junior year and I'm kind of a sleeper right now. I'm having to reschedule my Louisiana visit because I have the ACT this Saturday and am going to try to reschedule soon. Right now I have offers from Ole Miss, Louisiana Tech and Mississippi State. I'm going to the Alabama camp in July and this Sunday I'm going to Mississippi State."

Jarkeith has brought a new mindset to West Lauderdale and tries to lead by example. He's been working hard himself and has seen that hard work pay off by inspiring his teammates.

"I'm going to be a linebacker this year. I need to get more exposure and I have been working on my footwork with my trainer. I'm going to the D1 facility in Birmingham to get some 1 on 1 work done. As a team, we have been in the weight room a lot. The guys last year didn't think they were going to win. We have changed that now and came out pumped up and won our spring game."

Ruffin is a bright young man that already has a major in mind. He fully understands that while football may be the vehicle that gets him to a university, his education is the key.

"I took the ACT as a Freshman I made an 18, but I'm taking it again this Saturday. I want to major in either political science or criminal justice. It's going to be a major factor in my decision because I'm going to get my education."

West Lauderdale has a talented leader on offense, Jarkeith's cousin Richard Thomas. The two are really looking forward to playing together this year and have even discussed the possibility of playing together at the next level.

"It's gonna be fun to play with my cousin Richard Thomas. We live together and we do stuff all the time. He's the leader on offense and I'm the leader on defense. We are probably going to go to the same place, but I'm going to keep my options open. I'm hoping to decide after the season. If I like the school he commits to before then, I might move up my date."

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