Scarborough likes Michigan's Style

2014 RB Bo Scarborough out of Tuscaloosa, AL has had a chance to see Michigan football games but also talk to them about football. Bo enlightens us on just what he likes about the Wolverines.

Michigan has clearly seen something in Bo Scarborough that they like, and there are certainly things that he likes about them.

"I love those trick plays that they run when I watching them play on TV," he told GBW. "I can see myself playing different positions in that offense for them."

Bo recently received a visit from the mad scientist himself who makes Michigan's offense run.

"Coach Borges came out to visit me, and later we talked on the phone.. He is a cool guy. Coach told that he likes my film and the type of person that I am. He likes the way handle myself out on the field.  Michigan is recruiting me as an athlete, a running back and a receiver. Coach Borges likes that I can go up and get it the ball I can catch very well."

Bo also has been watching a certain player that seems not to be able to tie those shoes that he plays in. "I am very impressed with Shoelace (Denard Robinson). I like the way he carries himself he seems to be a real nice person. He is very good player who can run and throw it. He can play."

Right now there are three schools that he has his eye on, although that could expand of course.  All three have one common thread that holds them together.

"When I look at Michigan, Alabama and Georgia their tradition is not like everyone else. Those guys stick to the basics because that is what they are successful at -- running the ball."

As for Scarborough he has one thing on his mind that he wants to do and that is because of the people he patterns his game after.

"I want to run the ball. I am a running back. I play like Adrian Peterson and Darren Mc Fadden. Using my stiff arm while I am running is a big weapon for me. I can also catch out of the backfield. I like a pro-style offense where  I can also be moved out to wide out at times.  I really would like to focus on that right now."

While he is wide open on looking at all schools, there is certain criteria that schools will need to have to receive his commitment.

"I am looking for a school with solid academics, that will help me receive my degree, because I could get hurt and I want something to fall back on.  I want teammates that look out for one another, that love each other and that do things together as a team. My position coach -- I want to have a close relationship with him because on one else will be able to get me better but him."

As for his final thoughts on Michigan, he does add these last few comments.

"Michigan will receive one of my official visits.  I have family in Detroit. I have aunts and uncles up there."

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