Sandland set to visit this weekend

It was a bit of good timing with Beau Sandland and a phone call from Big Red Report. Sandland will be setting up his official visit to Nebraska for later this summer, but it seems the visit will be sooner rather than later. Sandland was literally moments away from calling up Nebraska and getting the visit set. What does he want to see on his trip?

Beau Sandland from Los Angeles (Calif.) Pierce Junior College is finally between spring practices and a summer session. He says that the spring went pretty well, had some rough spots, but that is to be expected from any team in any spring.

"We run a late spring practice," Sandland said. "We actually finished up just a week or so ago. I have a summer session for school that will start up in early July.

"The spring was OK. It was a little rough at times. We have a lot of new personnel and some new terminology that we are putting in. We ended on a good note though.

"I think that it was what a spring is all about. You have to work out those kinks so you don't have them in the fall. I am not concerned with one single thing really about our team."

Sandland is eying some of this time between when classes start back up again to make some trips possibly. The 6-foot-6 and 250-pound tight end says that he has been out of high school for a year making him eligible to take an official visit.

"Nebraska has told me that with junior college recruits it's different than with high school players. High school players can take them starting September 1, but since I have been out of school for a year I can take one now."

There is a big weekend this weekend in Lincoln and all signs are pointing to Sandland adding his name to an already impressive list of visitors that will be visiting Nebraska this weekend. It's not set yet, but it's looking that way.

"I actually just got done printing out my transcripts. I sent over my transcripts to Nebraska and just got off the phone with them. I will be visiting Nebraska this weekend as part of Big Red Weekend."

The recruiting process is going to be new for Sandland. After not qualifying initially out of high school this will be his first official visit that he will have a chance to take. He has some ideas what he will be looking for on his visits though.

"I really don't know what I am looking for since this is really my first time through the process and my first official visit. I imagine that I will want to see their facilities, their locker room, meeting rooms, stadium, meet the coaches and meet some of the players."

So far Nebraska has made an impression on Sandland. Sandland is nearing 20 offers and while he is not ready to trim his list or admit to a favorite he does say that Nebraska is at the top because they were an early offer and the effort that Nebraska has given while recruiting him.

"Nebraska is up there on my list. Iowa State just offered me today making that 18 total offers. Nebraska is one of my top offers partly because they were one of the first schools to offer me. They were number five or number six.

"I don't just have one coach recruiting me from Nebraska. I talk to five coaches at Nebraska and I talk them all regularly. They have a lot of interest in me and I can tell that they really want me. They came out here to see me a couple of times this spring too.

"Nebraska will be one of my top schools, but I am not eliminating any schools yet. When I do start trimming my list I do think that Nebraska will be towards the top."

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