BYU extends offer to Oregon athlete

Following Wednesday's Junior Day activities, many of the top performers were called in for a player meeting. Afterward, some were invited to speak with Coach Mendenhall. One Oregon recruit, meanwhile, received an offer.

Coming in at about 6 feet 2 inches and 210 pounds, Johnny Ragin of Wilsonville High School was offered a scholarship following BYU's Junior Day.

"I was just offered a full-ride scholarship and just came out of the meeting right now and had a great time there," said an excited Ragin. "I'm really excited and happy right now. It was a great experience. I'm more than grateful. I talked with Coach Mendenhall and Coach Poppinga and they let me know that they were going to offer me a full-ride scholarship. I was beyond excited."

BYU joins Portland State in offering Ragin a scholarship. The Oregon product flew out to Utah on Tuesday with his running back and linebacker coach. On Wednesday, Ragin was put through a series of drills prior to receiving his BYU offer.

"It was awesome and we got there a little early and [were] stretching and got some light work in," said Ragin. "Then I went over with Coach Poppinga and did some individuals. We worked on some linebacker drop techniques. Then we went on and did some one-on-one pass rush against the offensive linemen, and then we did some one-on-one coverage against the tight ends and running backs."

Following the position development drills, the camp broke for lunch.

"We had a great time and then everyone had lunch together," Ragin said. "We had a nice meeting where Coach Mendenhall gave us a nice PowerPoint presentation. We learned a lot about the program and about BYU. After that, me, Coach Poppinga and my coach went back to Coach Mendenhall's office for a talk."

That's when Ragin learned he was receiving an offer from BYU.

"I was very grateful and it was a great experience receiving that scholarship from Coach Mendenhall," Ragin said. "I just feel really blessed to have that offer. My coach was very excited for me and looking forward to my future."

Ragin, however, didn't commit to Coach Mendenhall.

"I want to take all of my official visits and see how they go. Coach Mendenhall had me come in and sit down and he handed me a piece of paper that just said congratulations and listed all the reasons why they decided to offer me. I feel great and feel very blessed to have come down here and performed well enough to receive an offer from BYU."

BYU is recruiting Ragin as a Sam linebacker. He wants to make a final decision after he takes a look at a few more schools.

"I'm looking to commit early sometime this next season," Ragin said. "I'm not sure where yet though, but I'm really excited about my BYU offer. The campus was great, the facilities are great and all close together as well. I definitely love the business building and it had a great feel to it. I'll be majoring in business management and public relations. It was just an overall nice place to be."

The colleges Ragin plans on attending prior to making an official commitment are all western schools.

"I'm going to go to Oregon on the 20th, then Portland State on the 22nd along with, I'm not sure yet, UCLA on the 23rd," Ragin said.

The overall experience was a very good one for Ragin.

"My experience at BYU definitely exceeded my expectations," an excited Ragin said. "The campus, the values and the core that holds everything together is incredible. My time here at BYU has definitely exceeded my expectations. It was more than I ever expected. Coach Poppinga was very excited for me and it was just a great day. It was just a great experience and I'm definitely glad I came out here."

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