Boone Picks CMU

2013 quarterback Darrien Boone of Chicago Vocational High, made his college decision and he talks about which school he chose and why inside.

For quarterback Darrien Boone of Chicago Vocational, the recruiting process has come to a close -- and he chose Central Michigan.

"I committed to Central Michigan," Boone said.

Boone visited the Chippewa's recently -- and was impressed with what he saw.

"I went down to visit the Friday before last," Boone said.

That visit was more than enough for Boone to pull the trigger.

"It was an awesome trip," Boone said. "They were fantastic and it felt like the place for me to be."

He added, "The tour was fantastic of the facilities and I spoke to the whole staff, it was great."

Even though it's been several days since Boone pulled the trigger -- he's still very excited about his decision.

"I am most excited because Central Michigan is a great school," Boone said. "And I also don't have to worry any more about which school I am going too."

He continued, "I didn't want to stress during the season."

And with that weight off his shoulders, Boone knows that Central Michigan fans are going to like what they see from him during his senior season.

"They can expect a state and city champion coming to their school for the next four years," Boone said.

Something that the CMU staff is also looking forward too.

"The staff was fired up when I told them I was committing because I was the first quarterback they offered," Boone said.

And that first offer, is the signal-caller they landed.

"When the coaches explained the way they play the game," Boone said. "And just their understanding of the sport, it felt like a perfect match for me."

He continued, "They run an offense that could prepare me well for the next level."

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