Manning sets a date, details schools he likes

NORMAN, Okla. — Recently, the nation's No. 5 defensive tackle, five-star prospect Justin Manning, announced eight schools that made the cut to stay in the running for his services.

Arkansas, LSU, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, TCU, Texas, Texas A&M and USC are those eight still in the mix for the Justin F. Kimball HS prospect who managed to earn All-District honors despite missing four games last year with an injury.

Now, he's broken down some of those schools and what he likes personally about each of them.

"TCU just I fell in love with the coaching staff mostly," Manning said. "And that was the main thing, I felt comfortable around them. Then, Oklahoma I've been raised Crimson and Cream since I was in the fourth grade. Nothing has changed since then except me and me opening up to schools. Arkansas and Texas are just winning programs, consistent winners for the last few years.

"But Arkansas just because they've been winning. And Texas with their deep roster is why I want to go to Texas and Texas A&M because of their deep roster."

So, with some comments about a few of his potential destinations, does one stand out in front of the other?

"Not really," Manning bluntly stated.

While he wouldn't say one was a favorite over the rest, he did mention when he'll make the choice for his future.

"I'm gonna make my decision on our homecoming game on the fifth of November," Manning said.

As for what he wants in a school, it's all about bettering him and being the right spot, the same things most talented high school prospects look for.

"I can't say that one school is gonna get me to the NFL," said Manning, when asked if a school that can potentially get him to the next level would be the deciding point. "If you want to play there, the NFL is going to find you. So, I just think that--a school that I can trust as far as [what] the coaches would tell me and just I have to be comfortable with the people around me."

All eyes around the Midlands Region and around the country will no doubt be on this kid throughout the rest of the summer and up until he makes that decision during his season.

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