2014 Virginia QB Enjoys Monday IIlini Visit

The Fighting Illini football coaching staff continues to make inroads on future recruiting. Caleb Henderson, a highly talented 2014 quarterback from Virginia, visited campus Monday. He is highly recruited already, but he is giving the Illini fair consideration.

Caleb Henderson received an Illinois scholarship offer despite being an upcoming junior. The Virginia quarterback is making a tour of Big 10 programs and spent Monday on the Illini campus. His dad Eric was impressed.

"It was really good. The people were very nice, very friendly. And they have really impressive facilities. We were very humbled by the offer, and Caleb has much to think about."

The son described the day.

"I came in today around noon. I looked at the campus and saw the facilities. The weight room was really nice. I met with the academic counselor and learned about the academics. I liked it a lot. It was a really fun day."

Speaking while traveling to his next college visit, Henderson talked about other schools on their travel itinerary.

"We're staying in a hotel a ways down the road, and then we're going to Michigan State tomorrow. After that, I'm visiting Michigan and Ohio State."

He appreciates all the attention he is getting at an early age.

"I'm very flattered by all of it."

His recruiting coach for Illinois would also be his quarterback coach. He and Chris Beatty have a good relationship started.

"I think he's a very good coach. I like his offensive schemes, they mesh with what I do. So I think it would be a very easy transition to go from my high school right now to Illinois."

His 6'-3.5", 225 pound size is a major factor in his game.

"I think the best attribute of my game would probably be my height and my strength. I'm one of the stronger quarterbacks I think, and I think it really helps me in the open field, breaking tackles and stuff like that."

The strong-armed quarterback is much more than just a passer, a fact that became most apparent after an injury last season.

"I think I'm a little bit of both because last year I had 700 yards rushing even though I tore my MCL midway through the season and still ran well. I think I'm more of a balanced quarterback, but people look at my size and think I'm just a pure passer."

He is not only strong, he's a good healer.

"I didn't have any surgery or any rehab either. My mom is a nurse, and she helped me a little bit. And it kind of built up from there. It's perfectly fine now."

Of course, Henderson also had tremendous passing stats as a sophomore.

"I threw for 2800 yards and 27 touchdowns with 6 interceptions. That was at West Potomac High School. I've since transferred to Lake Braddock."

He feels Lake Braddock should be one of the best football programs in Virginia this fall.

"I think we're going to be very good this year, a state contender. We've got the guys on the team that can take us there."

He already has a college major in mind.

"I'm considering a Criminal Justice major."

Henderson rooted for Ohio State growing up, but the Illini are in the mix and gave him something to think about.

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