Bertke Enjoyed MSU Camp

When someone talks about MAC football in Ohio they don't just think about the college version, they also think about the Midwest Athletic Conference where some great teams battle each year for supremacy. Adam Bertke is one of several out of the conference looking to take their game to the next level and talks about his camp experience at Michigan State on Saturday.

2014 quarterback Adam Bertke of Maria Stein (OH) Marion Local opened several eyes with his state championship performance this past fall going 14-of-19 for 278 yards and four touchdowns.

Bertke, who is a multi-sport athlete was one of the top performers during Saturday's Michigan State camp and is excited about his overall experience with the Spartans.

"I was invited to Michigan State camp by (assistant) coach (Mike) Tressel during the school year," said Bertke. "He was actually the first college coach to talk with me. Camp was great as I met a lot of college coaches there and felt I had a pretty good day."

While Bertke is not sure of the Spartans feelings about his showing, several college coaches expressed interest prior to the start of camp.

"I talked with a lot of college coaches before the camp started," said Bertke. "They said they had heard of me and were excited to finally meet me. They all said they were interested in me and were going to be watching me down the road. So it was pretty exciting."

One coach Bertke spent some time with was Spartans quarterback coach Dave Warner. What did he think of the man in charge of the Spartans signal callers?

"I met coach Warner and he knows his stuff that's for sure," said Bertke. "I didn't get to talk with him too much but he said nice camp at the end and during camp he taught me a lot of things they work on at Michigan State. It's a lot like what we do. So it was good to meet him and learn from him and what he knew."

While his future may be as a college quarterback, Bertke keeps a busy schedule managing his time between three sports.

"I play football, basketball and baseball," said Bertke. "It's definitely busy and stressful at times. But at the end of the day it's what I like to do and it works itself out, so it's good."

As for what the 6-foot-5, 190-pound Bertke is looking for in a college. He's seems to still be in the early stages of his thinking.

"I'm still pretty young so I've got time to think about it," said Bertke. "But I'm looking for a school with a rich football tradition to go with a good education."

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