Gault in Shock Over Recent Offers

Monona Grove (Wisc.) sophomore OT Jaden Gault talks about his two Big Ten offers and if he's started breaking down the pros and cons of either yet.

Nebraska offered 6'7 offensive tackle Jaden Gault from Monona Grove today after getting a chance to see him in person recently.

"It's pretty exciting to get the second offer. I actually camped there two weeks ago," he said. "It went well. It was really nice. The facilities are top of the line compared to most campuses I've been to. I like the coaches a lot. I like Coach Cotton a lot. We talked quite a bit."

This add to Gault's offer from Wisconsin, another he earned following a camp, but for now, he's shutting it down.

"For the rest of the summer I'm going to focus on lifting and training for the season. I might take some visits, but I don't know where yet. Michigan State maybe."

Gault says looking at the pros and cons of each school will come in due time, but for now, he's still enjoying having the offers under his belt.

"I'm still kind of in shock, so I haven't gotten to that point. probably start breaking it down in a couple weeks or so. I just want to focus on high school, weight lifting, training, but they're both solid programs that are making moves."

That focus on lifting has paid dividends.

"I'm up to 285 now. My bench has gone up 60 pounds just from from maxing out. I'm making gains."

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