CoachSpeak: Johnson on Moore

The Eagles of West Bolivar won it all in 2011. Head football coach Henry Johnson credits a loaded roster led by offensive spark plug Kailo Moore for his team's success. Since raising the golden ball in December, Moore has become one of the most coveted players in his home state of Mississippi. Last week the four star back committed to Mississippi State.

Kailo Moore profile

"My phone's been burning up since that day," said Johnson with a laugh. "Everybody has been calling.

"I have talked with Kailo about all of that and he seems real happy with his decision.

"I don't get involved with the decisions. I let him and his family handle all of that.

"I just want these guys to go to school somewhere.

"He said from the beginning that he really wanted to stay in state and I know he's happy about being able to do that.

"I am sure the recruiting process is going to continue, but he tells me he's happy with his decision."

Johnson believes the Bulldogs are a good fit for Moore and his blazing speed.

"Mississippi State runs an offense that I feel like he can really do well in," said Johnson. "They will move him around some, so he can use his speed.

"I am sure he line up a lot in the backfield as a running back, but they'll use him some at slot receiver."

Moore will get the chance to line up at an assortment of positions this fall.

"We are going to be a lot more multiple with him this year,"s aid Johnson. "We were pretty loaded last year, so we didn't have to do that as much.

"This year we are going to play him some on defense at free safety.

"With his speed, if they lay one up there for two or three seconds Kailo is going to go get it.

"I just feel like he's going to help us avoid the big play on defense because nobody is going to be able to out run him.

"We ran him so much on offense last year, that we used a couple of other guys as kick returners, but we'll use him some this year at kick and put return."

Coach Johnson reports that the national 300 selection is a pleasure to be around on and off the field.

"He carries himself real well," said Johnson. "He is real well mannered and he knows how to handle himself.

"His mama has done a great job of raising him. He is just a fine young man.

"He is not a real vocal guy. I am on him about that sometimes.

"Kailo really leads by example in all that he does. He works hard, he is always giving 110% in practice and in drills.

"He does the right things. I tell him from time to time those other guys need to hear his voice.

"That's pretty much the only thing I ever have to really tell him."

The state champion coach reports that there is lot more to Kailo than meets the eye.

"Everybody knows about his speed, but people don't know that he can be physical when he needs to be," said Johnson. "He runs a lot off tackle, but he likes running inside the tackles too.

"He is just a home run hitter that can take the distance any time he touches it."

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