Open to All, Favoring One

South View High School standout Greg Gilmore has a lot to consider. The nation's #7 rated defensive tackle claims he lost count of his number of scholarship offers several weeks back. As the dog days of summer approach, Gilmore reports that four schools are on his mind, but one school leads the pack.

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"I know have at least 30 offers, but it might be a 100," said Gilmore with a chuckle. "I had a lot of schools come to the school or contact my coach to see if they had a chance or to see if I was interested in them.

"I was honest with them and told them if I was or I wasn't."

Gilmore is not trying to come across as ungrateful for any level of recruiting attention. The North Carolina prep star simply wants to be honest about what he is looking for in a college program.

"My coaches are old school," said Gilmore. "They sat me down and asked me what I wanted out of college.

"They said if I just wanted an education that I could do that just about anywhere. I could go to some schools and get a great education and never win a game."

The Hope Mills, North Carolina star reports that he wants a more well rounded college experience.

"I really want four things out of college," said Gilmore.

"I want to get a good education.

"I want to play for a coaching staff that is stable.

"I want to play for championships and have the chance to win a national championship.

"The fourth thing is that I want to get to the NFL."

While several schools fit the criteria Gilmore has established, he has put together a list of four favorites, but he is careful not to call the grouping his final four.

"The main ones are LSU, Alabama, Florida and Clemson, but I am still open to any school," said Gilmore. "I feel like those four programs have what I am looking for in a college."

Heading into the month of July, one school has emerged as an overall leader for the four star standout.

"LSU is my top school," said Gilmore. "The things that really separates them from everybody else is the coaches.

"Brick (Haley) and Chief know how to coach. They've been coaching together for a while and they have coached some of the best players in the country.

"They are still coaching some of the best and they are losing like six defensive lineman this year, so that's a factor too."

While the Tigers have the lead, Gilmore reports there is still time for other schools to make a move.

"I am not really sure when I am going to commit," said Gilmore. "It could be tonight or it could be at the Under Armour game.

"I would really like to get my officials in before I decide, but you never know I might wake up tomorrow and decide to commit.

"Right now I am thinking about taking a trip to one of the four schools during my bye week this season.

"I might go see my least favorite of the four that weekend and then take officials to the other ones."

Gilmore has had the chance to get to see each of his favorite schools up close and personal and he plans to make the rounds at least one more time this fall.

"I just went to Florida for a few days and talked with all of the coaches," said Gilmore. "I went down to T-Town, Tuscaloosa, and visited with them.

"I just had my last practice for the Shrine bowl before they decide who all makes the game.

"I have been staying pretty busy with everything."

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