Gall Loves Canes

Ohio offensive lineman Alex Gall gave Miami his verbal pledge on Wednesday. caught up with Gall on the reasons why he picked the Hurricanes.

Cincinnati (OH) Moeller offensive lineman Alex Gall had his share of scholarship offers to choose between. However, only one program saw the 6-foot-5, 295-pound Gall fall in love with them.

"Coming down here I wanted to see a few things, get a few questions answered and check a few things out," said Gall. "But after coming down here I kind of fell in love. I saw everything I needed to see and everything I saw just blew me away."

While most prospects step back to think things over, Gall did just the opposite as he knew Miami was the right choice for his future.

"I liked everybody here and everything they are trying to do with this program and going to do with this program," said Gall. "So I figured there was no better place or time to do it than while I was sitting with the head coach in his office. So I told (head) coach (Al) Golden right there instead of giving him a phone call later. I felt it would be more personable to tell him face-to-face of my decision."

How did the Hurricanes head coach react?

"I got a smile and a hug," said Gall. "He told me how glad they were to have me and how happy they were that I made the decision. We talked a little bit about football and what they are trying to do exactly with the program and what I need to do from this point on."

As for what convinced Gall to make his decision, he made it clear there were multiple reasons why Miami was the right place to take his talents.

"I would say overall the fact they are really strong academically and they have a great tradition in football," said Gall. "But I just felt really comfortable here with all the coaches and felt I could go to them if I needed help and they would have my back.

"I also liked the overall feel of the campus and lifestyle the guys live. Miami is kind of my style and a place I want to be. So I just felt really great about being down here and just felt different here than any other college I've been to."

At just over 1,100 miles from home, Gall knows he's got the full support of his family in his decision.

"My mom and dad were with me on this trip and are behind me 100%," said Gall. "They loved everything about it. I think the only big thing for them is its a little farther away than they would have liked, but they said whatever decision I made they were going to support and be there for me.

"I know they will be farther away but it gives me distance to grow up as I can't take a couple of hours to go home and say I need your help. I can't depend upon my parents just like it will be in the real world. They are not always going to be there to fall back on, so I know I've have teammates, coaches and advisors to call upon for help. It's going to be a little different being so far away from home, but I'm willing to deal with that."

As for where the Hurricanes see Gall lining up during his college career, it looks like he'll need to be ready to jump in wherever needed.

"Right now they said all positions," said Gall. "They told me to learn and know all positions because if I really want to play, knowing all the positions is great. So I've been working on snapping at center as I feel that is attractive to coaches. They said if I want to go farther too also work on long snapping and I'm going to do that as well."

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