Biloxi Duo Make the Call

The Mississippi Gulf Coast is not over run with college football prospects for the 2013 signing class, but two of the region's best closed out their college recruitments earlier today when Scott Austin committed to Mississippi State Tevaris McCormick pledged his college allegiance to South Alabama.

"You know this process is something that has been on going for nearly a year now," said Biloxi head football coach John Shannon. "These guys have been to a lot of places and visited with a lot of coaches.

"We've been to one day camps at Alabama, Mississippi State, Southern Miss and South Alabama.

"I really feel like these guys had seen all they needed to see in order to make a good decision for themselves."

With Scott Austin committing to Mississippi State, Shannon believes the Bulldogs have added a tremendous play maker to their class.

"Coach Mullen wants to be a lot more open with the offense and they were looking for some wide receivers like Scott," said Shannon. "He liked it up there and it gives him a chance to play in the SEC.

"It's only about three and a half hours or so from home, so his family can follow him."

McCormick committed to South Alabama in large part because he felt like a priority.

"I tell you when we went down there, I was real impressed with how they were building their program down there," said Shannon. "They really like Tevaris and he likes them.

"It's only about an hour and a half from home, so his family can come and see him play."

Today proved to be the day that the pair elected to announce their decisions.

"We've been to visit the schools and we've have had all of these coaches come through in the spring," said Shannon. "They've been to some camps and they feel like they know what they want to do and I support them in their decisions.

"These aren't hasty decisions and nobody rushed in to anything.

"These young men and their families spent their time talking about what was best for them and their futures."

Biloxi is expected to have a strong season in 2012. Now Austin and McCormick can focus on being seniors rather than worrying about their college futures.

"It's good when guys can know what color hat they are going to wear before the season," said Shannon. "Now that they have this behind them, they can focus on their academics and get ready for their own seasons."

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