Holmes Returns from UL Camp

Not many teams have two guys that rush for over 1,000 yards in a single season, but last year the Tylertown Chiefs did just that. Tyre'oune Holmes was one part of that dynamic duo and looks to repeat that feat this year. The talented athlete recently attended the 7 on 7 Shootout Camp at Louisiana and came away with a favorable first impression.

Tyre' was the quarterback last year at Tylertown and managed to rush for 1381 yards on 166 carries with 21 touchdowns. He also passed for 865 on 57 completions and 8 touchdowns. The talented athlete recently attended the 7 on 7 Shootout Camp at Louisiana and came away with a favorable first impression.

"I thought it went pretty good. The competition was really good. We just had a good time. I thought they had a good atmosphere. The facilities were just crazy, I liked them a lot. The indoor facility was really nice. The coaches told me they were happy to finally get me down there. They really enjoyed my performance and wanted me to come back next month to the individual camps."

Tyre' reports that he is hearing from all three major in-state universities and a pair in neighboring Louisiana. He's already attended camps at UL, Ole Miss, and Mississippi State, and plans on making return trips to two of those schools next month.

"I'm hearing from Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Southern Miss, Louisiana Tech and UL. Right now State is probably on me the hardest. The send me a lot of stuff in the mail and let me know what's going on at all times. They let me know about the campus and classes and all that stuff. Mostly, I'm being recruited as an athlete. I can play DB and wide receiver. I'm trying to just let everything play out right. I went to the camp at Jackson Prep this past Friday. I could have done better in the 40. I wasn't satisfied with my 40 time at all. I had a great day in everything else. Next month I have individual camps at Mississippi State July 20, USM July 21, and UL July 22."

Tyre' knows where his weaknesses lie and has been working tirelessly this off-season to improve the one flaw he had in his game. He fully expects his Chiefs to make a deep run in the playoffs this year with the ultimate goal of bringing home a state championship to Tylertown.

"I've been working on my throwing a whole lot. It was what was missing in my game. I've been getting with my receivers and throwing and working on my footwork. As a team we are going to have to throw the ball a lot more this year. We have to be a better competitor and if we get down, don't give up. I'm the leader of the team and I stress that anything can happen if we don't get down."

Tyre' is hoping to decide on a field of study soon, but right now he is still weighing his options. He recently took his ACT and reports that he is anxiously awaiting his scores.

"I took my ACT June 9 and am waiting on my score. It might be 4-6 weeks. My grades were pretty good. I had a 2.9 GPA last year. I'm still thinking about what I want to major in; I was just talking about it with my mom not to long ago."

Fortunately, Tyre' has this year to make his decision on a major and a place to continue his athletic career.

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