Bradshaw commits to Penn State

Damascus (Md) linebacker Zach Bradshaw commits to Penn State.

Zach Bradshaw, a 6-foot-3, 205-pound linebacker from Damascus (MD), returned from a mission trip to Honduras on Saturday and immediately drove up to Penn State for one last visit before pulling the trigger today.

"I got back from Honduras on Saturday and drove up to Penn State Sunday, it was crazy," said Bradshaw. "Today, I just called Coach Johnson, my recruiter, and he had all the coaches with him and he put me on speaker phone when I told him."

On his trip to Honduras, the word football didn't even enter his mind.

"I didn't even think about football or college on my trip. I just turned my mind off," he said as he and a handful of volunteers built chicken coops and repaired houses.

When he came back he just felt it, he said.

"I don't know how to explain it. It was really close between them, South Carolina, Virginia and Northwestern, but after going back up the second time, I felt that wast the place to be."

What separated Penn State from South Carolina and Northwestern was distance, he described.

"That was the one thing, which I didn't think it would be a big factor at first, but after talking more to players at colleges, it became the most important factor."

UVA was attractive for many reasons, but Bradshaw describes a comfort he feels in Happy Valley, that can't be beat.

"The Penn State tradition is great and I just felt more comfortable there, like home. It's hard to describe, but I love it."

The versatile Bradshaw will be utilized as an outside linebacker at Penn State. Stay tuned for more.

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