Hirschfeld Gains Camp Knowledge

Picking up knowledge from camps at Ohio State and Notre Dame, Hartland Arrowhead (Wis.) junior defensive end Billy Hirschfeld saved his best camp performance for last at the University of Wisconsin.

MADISON - Using this past summer to get his name out on the college camp circuit, Hartland Arrowhead (Wis.) junior defensive end Billy Hirschfeld attended BCS camps at Ohio State, Notre Dame and Wisconsin in a six-day window. He saved his best for the University of Wisconsin.

Learning something from every camp stop during his busy stretch, Hirschfeld's sponge-like absorption yielded him a strong camp in front of the Wisconsin coaching staff and potential for an offer down the road.

"The coaches told me that they were going to be looking for offensive and defensive linemen and that they were really impressed by me," Hirschfeld told Badger Nation. "I got to talk to a lot of the coaching staff, including coach Charlie Partridge. The relationship is pretty good because we got to joke around and know each other pretty well."

At the June 21-22 Ohio State camp, Hirschfeld learned that he has a lot of the tools needed to be a sound defensive lineman, but needs to utilize his hands and his hips more. He started working on those skills in front of the Notre Dame coaching staff on June 23, and starting adding more layers to his game in front of the Badgers' coaches over the three-day summer camp.

"I definitely improved from the Ohio State camp all the way to the Badgers camp," said Hirschfeld.

The improvement also can be attributed to a comfort factor. During Wisconsin's camp, Partridge utilized the knowledge of former Badgers defensive tackle Patrick Butrym as an assistant coach.

Considering Butrym a close friend from their workout sessions together in Waukesha, Hirschfeld felt comfortable getting coached from a player that had was a captain of last year's Big Ten championship team.

"I probably talked to him the most and he gave me a lot of pointers," Hirschfeld said of Butrym. "It was good to have a rookie NFL player helped me out with what I was doing wrong. I learned a lot of new things."

In addition to Wisconsin, Hirschfeld said he's gotten the most interest from Michigan State, Minnesota, Northern Illinois, North Dakota, Northwestern and South Dakota through the mail. He's done with campus this season, shifting his focus to his junior season.

Hirschfield is another name to add to a deep in-state 2014 recruiting class for Wisconsin; a class that offensive lineman George Panos – Hirschfeld's teammate – is already a part of.

"Georgy obviously getting that scholarship from Wisconsin during the school year was very big," said Hirschfeld. "I believe I am little bit (ahead of the curve) with what I've gotten done, but I know I can always improve. The next camp I go to they could teach me something new that I can use to get past an offensive lineman. I can always keep improving."

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