Local three-star confirms SMU visit

A three-star prospect with multiple BCS offers will be visiting the Hilltop on Monday

SMU will be hosting three-star prospect Jeremiah Gaines on Monday to discuss the role he could play on the field as a Mustang.

Gaines, who is listed as a tight end, would be forced to change his position in June Jones' scheme, which seldom uses a tight end package.

"My family and I, we were kind of trying to see exactly how SMU was looking at using me if I were to commit there," Gaines said. "That's what that whole meeting's about."

Gaines, who says SMU is in his top three, says that the two positions he would like to play are wide receiver and outside linebacker. Gaines, 6-foot-3 235 pounds with a 40-yard-dash averaging in the 4.6 range, is big and versatile enough to switch to the other side of the ball and has some experience doing so.

"Actually, my first two years on varsity I played inside linebacker," Gaines said. "I didn't play much offense at all."

Gaines, who is also interested in Washington State and Wake Forest, has been in close contact with SMU defensive line coach Bert Hill.

Gaines says that the relationship he has built with Hill has been a great one thus far. Gaines holds the rapport between him and his coaches in high regard.

"Relationships are a big deal to me," Gaines said. "Our relationship is great. He came down a couple times in the spring and we talked then and it's been good."

Gaines has also developed good relationships with the coaches at Washington State and says the reason for their escalated position on his list is their specific game plan for him, which correlates with what he'd ideally like to do on the field.

"(With Washington State) I can play the ‘Y'," Gaines said. "I'll rarely be down in a tight end stance, and I like being flexed out a lot."

However, SMU has an asset that no other school can offer or replicate: hometown hospitality. Gaines said that SMU's close proximity to his family will definitely be a factor weighed into his final decision.

"In the beginning I didn't think it would make that big of a difference; leaving," Gaines said. "But I think it will make a difference. I don't want to go too far."

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