Jacquille Veii: Fast and Serious

Avalon standout athlete earns offer to UMD due to blazing speed, but stands by his work ethic

Head Coach Randy Edsall will be enthusiastic when he realizes that he also added a leader and student athlete when Jacquille Veii from The Avalon School committed to the University of Maryland last week.  Veii had impressed the coaching staff at a Terps camp last week enough to yield an offer to join the 2013 recruiting class.  Such a decision is not only up to the athlete, but is often what is best for his family as well.  Last Thursday night, Jacquille sat down with his parents and weighed the pros and cons of a possible move to College Park, but it only took him a few hours to decide to commit to UMD. "I have had a really good relationship with coaches at Maryland," added Veii.  "Coach [Tom] Bratton was my recruiter and we have been in constant contact."  Jacquille also added that he was fortunate enough to meet Coach Edsall in the Spring.  

You had offers from some big name schools, some with bowl berths.  Why Maryland over these schools?

"It just was the best idea for my family.  Most of all, it's close to home and my family can come watch all of my games.  I had a friend that transferred from South Carolina because of how tough it was to travel and see family often.  So really, being nearby is a huge reason for me."

Making any other visits to College Park?

"I'm going with my family Friday (July 6) to see the whole campus for the first time.  I haven't really seen that much of the school yet."

What did you think about their uniforms last year?

"Oh I liked them a lot!  I heard there are 17 uniform combinations for next year.  It's really exciting.  I believe that once you look good, you feel more comfortable playing.  I asked the coaches 'So we're the Oregon of the East huh?'"

Jacquille, you are often listed as an "athlete," which position does Maryland want you to play?

"I do see myself as an athlete, who can make plays, and Maryland has me playing cornerback."

What were your stats at Avalon last year?

"I had 1100 all purpose yards, 3 interceptions, 86 tackles, and 18 total touchdowns"

What is your playing weight?

"I'm 5'10 and pretty much 180 pounds."

What about your 40 time?

"I was clocked officially down in Florida at a 4.4.  When I went to Maryland they timed me as a 4.3."  

What kind of player are you?

"I'm an open space player.  I just try to make plays when I'm given the chance, and I use my speed to my advantage."

What do you see as your greatest strengths and weaknesses?

"My strengths are definitely my speed, ability to recover, agility, and reading the field.  My main weakness is overthinking about a certain play, instead of just reacting to the game."

Did you have a favorite team or player growing up?

I have liked the New Orleans Saints since Reggie Bush was drafted.  He has always been my favorite player.

Are there any players that your game resembles?

"Well in the pros, no.  I'm not on that level yet.  I like to play like #5 from Florida State (Greg Reid).  He isn't huge, but boy he can hit!  I have also been compared to Tavon Austin, and I like that too."  

How do you feel about being part of a recruiting class that can put Maryland back on top?

"I'm extremely excited.  That's all I can say.  Amazing.  Anything big like this, you want to be a part of.  It's like the excitement of Christopher Columbus, or other pioneers.?

I've seen that you are an Honor Roll Student.  How will leadership in school lead to success as a player?

"Just the intangibles that everyone looks at.  I'm outspoken and interactive.  There are people at this school with 2200 SAT scores.  It's been a good environment for me.  All of this transfers to the football field.  I can take my teammates to the side and talk out our problems.  I try to be another coach on the field.

Lastly, how are you spending the rest of your off-season?

"I'm going to keep working on perfecting my craft and go from there.  Working out, footwork, everything.  I need to improve as both a player and a teammate."

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