Branch Chooses Rice

FOXSportsNEXT caught up with 2013 cornerback, Ty Branch, to discuss his Rice commitment.

Not long after summer began Ty Branch received his first offer from Rice. After participating in the team's camp in San Antonio, Texas the staff expressed how impressed they were by the 2012 cornerback's performance by providing him with the opportunity to play for their team.

"I really enjoyed the camp," Branch said. "The coaches were cool and laid back. I could tell they would work with me. It seemed like it would be a good atmosphere. I'm pretty close with them. One of the recruiting coordinators is really involved with FCA down there and I'm involved in that as well, so we get along well."

Although Branch was impressed by the football program at Rice it was the school's higher education that ultimately led him to committing.

"I decided to commit because Rice is the No. 8 school in the nation for education," Branch said. "That was big for me. I want to graduate from a great school like that. When I visited this past school year, the campus was beautiful. I love Houston. The kids on campus were very nice and outgoing. Someone was always helping us with our questions. It's a really gorgeous campus."

The Reagan High School recruit has improved his 40-time this summer from a 4.5 to a 4.45. He's also added 10-pounds to his frame weighing in at 180.

"I'm personally working on gaining weight," Branch said. "I'm trying to get to 185 before the season starts. I've definitely improved on my speed, footwork and my acceleration. I would like to be one of the best corners in the district and city. I would like to improve in every aspect of the game, even leadership. I want to help the team out and just have the best senior season."

Even though improving physically in all parts of his game is important to Branch developing into a stronger leader is also one of his priorities this summer.

"This summer, a few of us in our senior class have been working on being leaders," Branch said. "A good leader should always stay even-keeled. It's important to help everyone out especially with all the younger guys on our team. We need to teach them all that we know."

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