Friend In-Depth on Hoosier Commitment

Morris (Ill.) Community TE Danny Friend talks about why he chose Indiana.

Indiana landed a big piece to their 2013 class today when tight end Danny Friend chose the Hoosiers over offers from Oregon, Minnesota, Purdue and others.

"I had a lot of family ties there so I've always been around it," Friend said, "and I've always liked Indiana. I'm really excited about the way Coach Wilson was approaching his team. I think he's really going to turn things around. I really enjoyed meeting Coach Littrell and I look forward to building a better relationship with him. My recruiting coordinator, Coach Hagen, I think he does a great job. He seems like a real stand up guy and that's what I'm looking for in coach, somebody who's going to be there when I need them, not some guy who's just there coaching on the sideline."

Naturally, those Hoosier coaches were very happy to hear of Friend's decision.

"They said they were fired up. I got ahold of all three of them and all three sounded very excited. They said they were ready to go, they said good luck in my senior season and when that's done, look forward to being a Hoosier."

Some schools offered and recruited Friend as an offensive lineman, but the Hoosiers are allowing him to play his high school position.

"They said tight end since the first day and they've been sticking with it. That wasn't the decision maker for me, but that was definitely a big portion of it and I'm excited I get to go play Big Ten football at tight end."

There will be an almost immediate opportunity at that spot when Friend arrives.

"They have a junior, he'll be a senior when I'm an incoming freshman, Ted Bolser. I'll get to learn from him. He's been in the system for a long time and when he's gone, hopefully I'll be able to earn a starting spot."

When asked to reflect back on the process, Friend chose to look ahead rather than focus on the past.

"I don't want to look back quite yet. We still have a lot of work to do, still have a full senior season ahead of me. I want to focus on winning a championship and finishing school and when I'm done with that, focus on getting ready for my freshman year."

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