Barker on Southern Swing

Conner (Ky.) 2014 quarterback Drew Barker talks about his experience at Alabama and Tennessee and discusses whether or not there is local pressure to stay at home.

Currently with six offers, class of 2014 quarterback Drew Barker has continued to camp into this month in hopes of adding more.

"I was just at Alabama yesterday, and then Tennessee today. I camped and threw for Alabama. Coach Saban thought I threw really well. He said he didn't want to get married on the first date, but they were very impressed with me, and want me to come watch a game or two, but Coach Saban and Nussmeier both were very impressed with me."

This was Barker's first time in Tuscaloosa, and he liked what he saw of the campus, and the program.

"It was crazy. You always hear Alabama is a mecca of college football, so to go down see it, and talk with Coach Saban face to face is cool. The facilities were great, some of the best I've seen so far. I enjoyed my time, they're very friendly, and I think I can maximize my potential down there."

After today's sessions at Tennessee, Barker believes the Volunteers may be a good bet to be his seventh offer.

"I threw for them, Coach Chaney, the offensive coordinator and the quarterbacks coach and they thought I was the best one there today. They said I threw really well. They really like me. He said I need to work on my hip flexibility a little more but that can be coached, so he has no problem with that. They said they're going to review some tape on their camps and he'll get back to me and hopefully it's an offer. I think it might be, but we'll see."

Next up for Barker will be Cincinnati's five-star cookout this Saturday, then Ohio State'S Friday Night Lights camp at the end of the month.

Few prospects have been as diligent about getting on the road as Barker, but that doesn't mean he's forgetting about the schools close to him. In fact, in-state Louisville was his first offer, but he does not feel any pressure to stay home.

"Not really, they're going to support me wherever I go, but you always want to stay loyal to your state. I think Louisville is a great school and Coach Strong is bringing the program up and it's definitely a school I'd love to play for. They're bringing in top prospects, and I could see myself playing there, but if I feel more comfortable somewhere else, I wouldn't say there's any pressure for Louisville or any in-state school."

That said, he's going to see a pretty big in-state game this fall, as well as head out on a couple other unofficial visits.

"The ones I know going to for sure right now are the Louisville-Kentucky game at Louisville, the Cincy-Pitt game at Cincinnati, and I'm not sure what other schools. I'll probably go to Ohio State. I think I'm going up to Purdue for a game, but I'm still deciding these farther schools, but I'll try to get to Tennessee and Alabama."

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