2013 Safety Randon Knotts Impressing

FOXSportsNEXT caught up with 2013 safety, Randon Knotts, who's hearing from Air Force (offer), Iowa State, TCU, Baylor, Nevada and Oregon State among others. Get the latest details on the 2-star prospect's recruiting trail and who he's impressing the most.

Randon Knotts already has one school that's sent an offer his way. In March, Air Force told the 2013 safety he had a scholarship. But, the 6'0 180-pound prospect is also hearing a good amount from Baylor, TCU, Iowa State, Nevada and Oregon State.

Both Baylor and TCU have told Knotts that they will be evaluating his play this fall before they hand out an offer, but he is talking with each of the schools very closely.

"Baylor's reaching out the most at this point," Knotts said. "They asked me to come to their camp and keep in touch with them. I really like Baylor's offense and how they spread out the receivers. I would like to be one of those receivers. I talk to the coaching staff pretty often. I could play for a coaching staff like that because each of them seem like a player's coach and those are the type of coaches I want coaching me."

Knotts had planned on visiting the Baylor camp later in July, but he recently learned that it was the same day as a football awards ceremony.

Knott's other in-state school, TCU, has been one of his favorites since first starting high school.

"If TCU were to offer me a scholarship they would be my No. 1 choice," Knotts said. "I like coach Gary Patterson. He's a great coach. I would love to play for him. I talk with coach Trey Haverty (Wide Receivers) frequently. I've been around TCU's campus so much. I've been going to their camp every summer since my freshman year. It just feels like home. The way the coaching staff makes you feel as a player over there is what gets me. I feel energized when I work out with them."

But, Knotts said if he were to play for an out-of-state program at this point he would choose Oregon State.

"If I were to leave Texas, I would want to go to Oregon State," Knotts said. "I like their program. I like how they run the offense. The coaches said they like my size, quickness and agility, as well as my ability to get to the end zone."

Knotts believes he has a lot to prove to the coaches recruiting him this season. The 2-Star prospect is focusing on impressing the coaches by significantly cutting down his speed.

"I want to show them how fast I am," Knotts said. "At the beginning of the summer I ran a 4.59. I want to get it down to a 4.50. I've been working with my coaches all summer doing speed drills and running 40s every day. I've also been working on my awareness. I don't want any balls to get away from me."

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