Elite 11 Day Two morning recap

Day two of the Elite 11 Quarterback Camp was kind of the calm before the storm for the athletes. The first 7 on 7 session will heat up later tonight so workout No. 2 was relatively short with the college counselors throwing the majority of the reps for the last 45 minutes of practice.

As has been pointed out several times by our analysts, there is very little separating the top tier quarterbacks. In fact, even the guys you would put in the middle of the pack are still making some big throws and competing throw for throw with the highly rated signal callers.

The Top Three:

What it comes down to is consistency and that's why for the second day in a row, USC commit Max Browne was at the top of the board. Browne just doesn't make mistakes and you'll never see him throw two bad balls in a row. He's so steady, smart and sound in his fundamentals. He gets great depth on his drops, has a nice, easy release and he's throwing some beautiful deep balls.

"I thought I started a little slow yesterday but felt really good today," Browne said. "I was really pleased with how I threw but as Coach Dilfer said, the 7 on 7 session tonight is going to separate the guys so I'm staying focused on that for sure." Also having a strong repeat performance is Notre Dame bound Malik Zaire. I love the way the ball comes out of Zaire's hand. He has a natural wrist snap and the ball explodes out with plenty of velocity. He's a high level athlete who throws very well outside the pocket as well.

"I'm feeling very confident right now, I thought I had a good morning session," Zaire said. "I know I can get better and I need to with the 7 on 7 coming up tonight. I'm a competitor though and my goal is to be at the top of the board at the end of the week and I'm going to do all I can to get there." Miami bound Kevin Olsen is a very gifted quarterback and was right at the top of the board today as well. Olsen does everything well; can spin it, throws an accurate ball and makes it looks so easy. He never has to try to overthrow a ball on the deeper routes, his mechanics never change and you can see his strong competitive nature throughout the camp.

"My goal is to be the No. 1 guy here," Olsen said. "I think if anyone here doesn't have that as their goal, they don't belong here. I really want to make that final Elite 11 on the last day and hopefully I'm No. 1. If not, I'm going to compete my hardest and do everything I can to give my best effort out here. So far, I feel like I'm doing well, all these guys are great quarterbacks but I feel like I'm stacking up with anyone."

Others who impressed:

Michigan commit Shane Morris and Georgia bound Brice Ramsey both looked very good showing off their tremendous upside. It's going to sound like a broken record, but Morris has the biggest arm here and can really wow you when he throws on time and hits his receiver in stride.

His accuracy was improved from a day ago and he cemented his strong workout by winning the Golden Gun Accuracy Challenge at the end of the session. Morris doesn't need to overthrow because he has such a naturally strong arm but he still tends to at times and that's when he'll lose a little accuracy. At his best, Morris is as good as anyone, no doubt about that.

Ramsey is really coming on and has had two very good workouts. He looks very comfortable dropping back and letting it rip and is throwing with a lot of confidence. He's spinning the football very well and has top five arm strength in this camp through two workouts.

More Notes:

*Austin Allen, who won the Accuracy Challenge on day one, had another solid workout and is showing he belongs.

*Jared Goff also looked strong for the second day in a row. Nice frame, will fill out and can throw the ball down the field. *Coaches are working with Troy Williams on not aiming so much but just loosening up and letting the ball go.

*The staff is trying to get Johnny Stanton to not over-think so much but just let his natural instincts take over.

*Cooper Bateman is still trying to find his rhythm after two workouts. Head coach Trent Dilfer said, ‘his best is the best here but when he struggles, he's well down the board.'

*Tyrone Swoopes has really come on and is showing his vast potential. He has tremendous physical upside and just needs some polish but the raw tools are there.

*Joshua Dobbs has a lot of natural ability and the coaches are trying to get the soft spoken athlete to be a little more aggressive and assertive on the field.

Greg Biggins has been covering recruiting for over 15 years, covering the West since the mid-1990's and currently serves as a national analyst for Scout.com/FOXSportsNext.
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