Elite 11 Day Three recap

Day three and session No. 4 at the Elite 11 Quarterback Camp Friday night was all 7 on 7 action. After throwing with the wind and looking like King Kong Thursday, the quarterbacks were challenged by having to throw in to a very strong head wind Friday. It definitely made a difference as the most of the quarterbacks struggled to spin the football and accuracy suffered in a big way as well.

Day three of the Elite 11 is always the first day the coaching staff releases their first set of rankings. The rankings were based on both on field performance as well as classroom chalk talk and film review.

The selections were not without some controversy as a few of the signal callers who looked strong on the field, namely Kevin Olsen and Shane Morris, were omitted from the list. Here's a look at who the staff selected and ranked 1-11.

1. Johnny Stanton

2. Zack Greenlee

3. Malik Zaire

4. Jared Goff

5. Devante Kincade

6. Davis Webb

7. Max Browne

8. Luke Del Rio

9. Christian Hackenberg

10. Riley Ferguson

11. Shane Cockerille

Much like last year, look for the top 11 to be very fluid and be much different when the final rankings come out on Sunday.

As for the 7 on 7 action Friday night, here's how we ranked the five best performances of the night:

1. Shane Morris
2. Christian Hackenberg
3. Brice Ramsey
4. Kevin Olsen
5. Troy Williams

Morris had a great workout and his best pass of the night was a pretty sideline out pattern to his back shoulder, the one read he has struggled with so far.

It was great to see Hackenberg step up, as his upside is probably bigger than anyone's here.

Ramsey has a very live arm and was one of the few quarterbacks able to maintain his tight ball throwing through the wind.

Olsen is the ultimate gunslinger with a little bit of Brett Favre to him. He loves to challenge himself throwing the ball down the field.

Williams just missed making our top 11 on Thursday and looked great on Friday. He spins it as well as anyone and made some very nice throws down the field.

Following Friday nights 7 on 7 session, here's a look at our updated top 11. Remember, these rankings are based on camp performance, not college potential. Thursday's ranking is in parentheses:

1. (1) Kevin Olsen- The Goldilocks of passers, Olsen never throws it too hard. He never throws it too soft. He always seems to deliver it just right. Olsen put on a clinic at Thursday night's first 7v7 simulation gobbling up big chunks of yards as most of the quarterbacks either struggled outright or relied on check down receivers and backs.

Retains top spot after another stellar 7v7 performance.

2. (4) Shane Morris- There shouldn't be much question of who has the strongest arm any more. Including the college players acting as counselors, the strongest arm at the Elite 11 Finals belongs to Morris. When push comes to shove, Morris has a laser-like focus on the left side of the field. That's a habit he'll need to outgrow.

Best arm at the camp and had the best night at Friday's 7v7.

3. (6) Brice Ramsey - One of the few players who benefits from a little fatigue, Ramsey usually only has one pitch, the fastball. As he tired, he slowed down some, and his accuracy improved when he didn't try to overthrow.

Inconsistent with his accuracy early on, Ramsey was throwing darts on Friday night.

4. (2) Max Browne - Browne has plus size, a plus arm, and he's consistently thrown the best, most accurate ball of the group. One of the bigger, stronger quarterbacks in attendance, Browne hasn't suffered the up and down performance of some of the other participants as his mechanics and arm strength stayed true.

Steady if not spectacular, Browne hasn't stood out during 7v7s but has otherwise thrown a solid ball all week.

5. (8) Anthony Jennings - Jennings did a good job of separating himself from the pack during the 7v7. He threw an opposite hashmark 15 yard out pattern to his right that is the benchmark throw for testing arm strength. He followed it up with a go route up the left sideline.

Showed off a stronger arm than was expected with an opposite hash 15 yard out route.

6. (7) Joshua Dobbs - Dobbs looked good through two days of practice, and he shined during the 7v7 segment. He took chances down the field and was rewarded making the right reads.

Has outstanding field vision. Unlike most of the participants, when he goes to his second receiver, he still looks downfield rather than automatically underneath to the running back.

7. (10) Devante Kincade - The most pleasant surprise of the week, Kincade looks like a cornerback prospect, but his thin frame generates an uncanny amount of velocity. His release is so quick that at times the ball looks like it's coming out of his right ear.

The smallest of the group, one might think fatigue could take its toll on his arm. It hasn't.

8. (3) Malik Zaire - Especially impressive showing considering, like Ramsey, he plays in an option based wing-t offense. Zaire had a steep learning curve, and he has gotten to show off his passing ability, something that doesn't always show up on his game tape.

Struggled against the wind on Friday, but an otherwise impressive showing.

9. (NR) Asiantii Woulard - Nursed a sore groin earlier in the week, but there's nothing wrong with his right arm. The ball sizzled out of his hand.

10. (5) Jared Goff - A long, lean quarterback, Goff also throws an easy ball. He was a standout during the first two days of practice with a quick release and solid accuracy. A little mechanical on his rollouts, Goff still threw the ball well on the move. Goff had a terrific 7v7 taking advantage of a tired group of defensive backs with several long completions.

Has looked great through the first two days but fell off on the third. Look for a bounce back day four.

11. (9) Cooper Bateman - Bateman doesn't do anything during drills that's going to jump off the field at a watcher. But when it's time to go live and throw with receivers against defenses, Bateman ratches it up a notch. His arm looked visibly stronger in the third session as he would hit receivers in the chest with an audible thud.

One of the first quarterbacks to test the wind, Bateman has the arm to throw through it. He doesn't always spin it, but can still put more than enough velocity on the ball to get it there.

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