Cookout visit reassures Droogsma

While in Clemson for the first time since his camp visit, Austin Droogsma wanted to see if what the Tigers' coaches have been telling him is true.

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The three-star offensive guard from Gulf Breeze, Fla. was able to gain the players' perspective on what life's like in Clemson.

"It was really good. It was a good time to meet with the players and talk, and really get a feel for how player life is like up there -- see if what the coaches are telling you is really what it is, and not just the normal coaches talking it up," Droogsma told CUTigers on Saturday.

"It is. It's exactly what the coaches say. The players say the same thing. All the stories connect. It seems like it's a really great place up there."

Droogsma spent time speaking with Sammy Watkins, Cole Stoudt and a number of the freshman offensive linemen.

"The coaches tell it how it is. What you see is what you get," Droogsma said.

With the start of football season just around the corner, he'll take a break from recruiting. Friday's Clemson visit is the last one he'll take this summer.

"I'm just going to start cruising with high school football. I'll just be doing that, not really worrying about recruiting until the fall when I start going to games and stuff," Droogsma said.

Nothing's set in stone, but he'll take a few official and unofficial visits this fall. A decision will be reached in late October.

Clemson and Florida State are "sitting on top right now, both of them." Mississippi State has crept up into the mix, too.

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