Syracuse on top for Speedy Smith

Laray Smith has been balancing track and football throughout his high school career, but that hasn't slowed programs' pursuit for him. FOX Sports NEXT caught up with the dual-sport standout just before he left for the Junior Olympics to discuss a newly emerged leader in the race for him.

Brooklyn (N.Y.) Xaverian running back Laray Smith hasn't been able to hit the camp circuit like most 2013 prospect this summer – due to a previous commitment that he hopes to continue to pursue at the next level.


The top-notch sprinter and three-star football prospect is heading out for another competition on Tuesday, but not before making some predictions with FOX Sports NEXT.

"I got the junior Olympics coming up, I leave for Maryland tomorrow so I hope I do good at that," he said. "I'm running the two (hundred meter-dash) and the four (hundred meter-dash). I'm aiming for 47-low (seconds) or 46-high when I get out there (in the 400m dash)."

But in between heats and trying to achieve personal bests, Smith has been receiving phone calls from more than a half-dozen schools. One, however, has been able to get through to him more than most.

"I've been talking to Syracuse a lot because me and coach [John] Anslemo are good friends," the 6-foot-1, 175-pounder admitted. "I haven't had much time to think about recruiting."

In limited time, he watched his good friend and fellow NYC running back prospect Augustus Edwards commit to the Orange – something Smith is now admittedly considering heavily.

"When Gus (Edwards) committed, I spoke to him the following day," he said. "He was telling me about how I should come there ad everything. He is one of my close friends, so it was nice to hear about him going to Syracuse.

"I wouldn't mind going there with him, too."

In terms of a decision-date, it's still up in the air considering all of his track obligations. The only way it would come before Xaverian's 2012 season would be as a spur of the moment.

"I want to just feel it in my heart that I want to honestly go somewhere," he said. "I have Tennessee on the board for a fact, and Oregon is in the process, but Syracuse is the top school. I'll keep West Virginia and UConn in it also, so that's my top five."

"Whatever school I choose, I want to stay all my four years," Smith continued. "I don't want to only look at me as an athlete…I want to major in communications to see how that goes. I want the school to have my back, God forbid I get injured – they would just throw me under the bus because I'm not what they wanted to be anymore.

"I can't have that."

The Orange, which has recently agreed to move to the ACC in July of 2013 – are one of the programs assuring Smith that no such situation would occur no matter the circumstance.

"They (Syracuse) show me a lot of respect and that they have my back no matter what," he said. "Tennessee shows me that, too. There's no order, though."

So which school may receive a quick visit before the season? The closest one.

Said Smith of visiting Central New York, "After this track meet I'm definitely going there for a fact."

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