Back and Forth They Go

Cortez Leonard has collected offers from around the country, but to date his favorites have been schools from the southeast. With fall camp just two days away, Leonard reports he would like to decide soon, but he is still uncertain about which direction to go.

Cortez Leonard profile

"South Florida is on top again," said Leonard. "I really like their coaches and I like how they talk to me.

"I think I might like to be a part of what they have going down there, but I am not sure yet."

Just over two weeks ago, Leonard was all but ready to commit to an SEC school.

"I went to the Big Dawg camp at Mississippi State and that went good," said Leonard. "Coach (Geoff) Collins told me that I did good.

"Before I left, I got to meet with Coach (Dan) Mullen and I thought about committing.

"I decided to wait and get back with him. We had a long trip back and a football camp at our school the next day, so I decided to wait and think about thing some more."

Another SEC program has recently come into the picture.

"Tennessee has offered me," said Leonard. "I am looking at them pretty hard now too.

"The coaches there say that they like how I get down hill and that they like how I tackle.

"They told me that I would be a good fit for their defense."

The Volunteers may have a short window of time to overtake the Bulls of USF.

"I would really like to decide soon," said Leonard. "I am not sure what I am going to do and I don't know when, but I will probably do something soon."

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