Ellison Ready to Trim List

At one time, Harris County (GA) defensive lineman Jay Ellison had plans to make his college choice on signing day. Those plans have changed as Jay gets ready to trim down his list of offers.

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Although he hasn't trimmed his list of offers yet, Jay has 4 schools that he feels are recruiting him the hardest. "I am hearing a lot from Georgia Tech, Auburn, Ole Miss, and Michigan State." Jay will trim his list to 5 in the next couple of weeks.

Jay has also decided to go in a different direction as far as a decision date is concerned. "Now I plan on choosing a school some time in the middle of my season. That way I can still have a fair amount of time to make a sound decision and still enjoy my season."

Georgia Tech secondary coach Charles Kelly and Ellison continue to keep in touch with each other. "He is a cool guy and I enjoy talking with him." Ellison and Coach Kelly talk a lot about life and academics. "That is very refreshing to hear from a coach."

Ellison knows that one injury could take away his football career and Coach Kelly has let him know how much a Georgia Tech degree will mean in life. "I find that very appealing."

The depth chart at Georgia Tech is another thing that appeals to Ellison. "I know that they need players on the defensive line, especially when my class hits college." Ellison knows that if he works hard that he could see early playing time.

Jay has not decided when he'll begin taking any visits. "I am looking at my schedule and will map out which games I will attend this year." After that, Jay will decide which school is the best fit for him.

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