BC Commit Isaacs Still Looking?

Manchester (Conn.) High tight end Andrew Isaacs was looking at making visits while remaining committed to Boston College. He spoke to FOXSportsNEXT about whether that plan was still in place.

Andrew Isaacs is almost all the way back from a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his knee, and is ready for training camp to begin.

Isaacs, a 6-foot-3, 230-pound tight end, is also trying to settle his recruitment.

Although he remains committed to Boston College, Isaacs is also looking hard and Maryland and has developed a strong relationship with Rutgers tight ends coach Darnell Dickins, putting the Scarlet Knights squarely in the mix as well.

"I'm committed, but right now I'm between Boston College and Maryland," Isaacs said. "Those are the two schools I've actually been paying the most attention to."

Isaacs then added Rutgers was also involved, but he needs to learn more about the program.

"Me and coach Dinkins are really cool," Isaacs said. "Outside of school and anything football related, he is the most impressive coach as far as his resume, what he can do for me, what he's done for other people. He's the most respected person I've met throughout the entire process.

"I was only on the campus once but that was for a Nike event. I don't really know much about Rutgers, though."

Isaacs said he remains on Boston College, but the opportunity to fit into his major combined with his the chance at early playing time has him giving the Terps a hard look.

"I want to major in broadcast journalism and communications, and Maryland is one of the top five schools in the country," he said. "They have the opportunity to play early and be effective, too.

"Obviously, I committed to Boston College because it's a great school. It's not too far away from my family, and I love the guys from there. Everybody is great, and to get a degree from Boston College, that's one of the best universities in the nation.

"But Maryland, there are so many opportunities there, and as a player, what more can you ask for than opportunities?"

Isaacs is eyeing an official visit to Maryland, possibly the Sept. 15 game against Connecticut, and may visit Boston College for the Sept. 2 visit against Clemson. He added he could visit Rutgers for a training camp practice.

For now, he is focused on being ready for training camp in a few weeks.

"I've been working and lifting because I just came off of a knee injury so I wanted to get back into shape," Isaacs said. "They said I had a real good recovery from it. I feel better than I did than before I got hurt. I'm going to be (cleared) for the start of camp.

"I feel having the injury made me a better player. You used to just think you could dominate. When you sit back and watch and learn how to actually set people up on routes, and how to engage on a block, and how to get a good stance. Sitting back and watching and learning from mistakes other people make, it makes you a better player."

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